My sister-in-law married children, let me have three children to her adoptive, and put the baby back to her after pregnancy

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My sister-in-law married children, let me have three children to her adoptive, and put the baby back to her after pregnancy

2017-01-08 11:24:23 212 ℃

Friends of the story of the marriage and family] (Graphic independent, for reference only)

I gave birth to three children, but has been raising the two, in the time to have a child of third is not my intention. Because my sister-in-law had no children, she had no fertility, but also want to have a child, so I finally cried for another child, she said the child was born from she, because my husband and children also have a blood relationship with her. But now, after she had her own child, she gave me my five year old daughter!

Husband siblings at home to two people, a few years younger than her sister-in-law husband, along with his family, my husband and I married pretty well, because my personality is good. My husband and I got married first gave birth to a daughter, three year old daughter when we have a second child, gave birth to a boy. Sons and daughters, our days are very good, but then she found suffering from infertility after marriage, she also went to many hospitals, but also for a long time, but have no effect, finally they two people simply give up treatment.

But they also want a child, so he thought of adoption, but also don't want to adopt sister-in-law don't know, afraid of children if there is what disease like. She would think of us, considering two children in our family, but because the eldest daughter has been sensible, what all know, can not live together with their parents, my son can not be willing to give them, so I asked sister-in-law another child, the child by their upbringing.

She said that as long as I help them, responsible for the students can be, after birth, I do not have to manage, and she promised that the future will be good for the child. I don't want to help her, because the child is not a trivial matter, but it will help her husband, or her sister-in-law advised me, I finally relented.

Three fetal I gave birth to a daughter, born after the sister-in-law, the family are very happy. Just born, they hold back to support, to tell the truth when I really want to give up, but there is no way. The child has been in sister-in-law's house is also very good, she also didn't know I was her own mother, the child no matter where, as long as she is happy enough.

But unfortunately it was pregnant a few months before her sister-in-law, the news is exciting is also worrying, I was worried about having their own children, will not be on my daughter is not good. But I was completely unnecessary, because she wanted to send my five year old daughter back after she had her baby.

I don't want this child, I think she is a child of the promise and then deny in succession, is a life, not let her want to, do not want to do!

The child is now five years old, in the memory of her small sister-in-law is her real mother, if she returned to our home now, I don't know how to explain our relationship, if one day she knew her real reason was born, and that she had been abandoned, I am afraid her heart will be hurt. But in any case, the child my own, no matter what time, I will bring her up!

Small North reply:

Elder sister, after reading your talk, find out what you know. Since the child sent back, you have a good support. Although the child is five years old, that is mother aunt, but days later, mother and aunt are respectively. As long as you love dearly, your daughter will be fine. And she grew up, in fact, know the truth anyway, after all, this is the life, who without a gray?

When the children grow up, to explain, I think the child will want to understand. No one is perfect, as long as people are selfish, isn't it? For your sister-in-law a, they will also estimate a bit sorry, after all is one family, don't tangle. To raise a child! Bless your family!