Why I don't want my children to be good? This is the reason

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Why I don't want my children to be good? This is the reason

2016-07-21 14:27:49 436 ℃

Many parents like sensible obedient child, as long as the child does not violate their will. It is good to be able to obey their wishes unconditionally. However, this is really good?

The so-called "sensible", is nothing more than empathy, empathy and parents can simply. Because too can understand the parents, so the parents feel more important than their own.These children grew up, often because of take into account other people's feelings, and put together their own feelings, their own personalized to a minimum. Slowly, also do not know what they want, dare not look directly into the heart of the desire for their own life is not very good control.

When the sensible becomes a constraint, then the more recognition from this quality, the greater the cost of having the quality.

True understanding, more should be a kind of understanding of the quality of Thanksgiving and empathy, but not because of their ignorance and weakness, and will become a kind of self tied rope.

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