Baby 6 months -2 years old to learn to speak practical methods, the proposed collection!

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Baby 6 months -2 years old to learn to speak practical methods, the proposed collection!

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When the baby is called the first "Mom" and "Dad", each of the hearts of parents of adorable moments. Finally, he's gonna talk! Bao Baoxue talking, it seems to grow up in an ordinary stage, in fact, a big knowledge of it! Speaking is the first lesson that children begin to communicate with the society. To give you treasure dad mom treasure to share your baby learn to speak practical methods.

6 months -1 years old baby learning to speak

When the baby 0-5 months, language development remains in the "listening" stage, he love her voice, parents need to talk more with the baby, when he issued babbling voice, respond in a timely manner.

Baby 6 months later, he looked at the mother's smile, be issued a "Pakistan, the sister of Luigi Nono," the babbling sound, parents can smile to imitate the sound of the baby, he tends to stimulate more interest to say. At the same time, in the usual feeding, changing diapers, clothes, in a timely manner with the baby exchange to tell him what to do.

8-12 months of the baby, to improve the attention of the speech, some simple language commands also respond. He may say some ambiguous variable tuning, because he is still trying to adapt to the change of different tones.

1, said "father and mother"

From the beginning of the 6 months, some babies will be able to issue a Baba, Ma Ma tone, he started to contact you and no real words, so much as he said "Mom, this is my mother," when he called the first sound, you must be feeling a lot.

2, shaking his head said, "no"

In the baby 7-8 months later, will respond to some simple instructions, such as the baby mother caught glasses, mother shook my head, through the baby's hands. The baby will gradually learn to shake his head this simple action.

3, with the only word to say the same thing

For example, today said, "the cat", "Mimi" tomorrow, this stage, it is best to use a fixed, the only word to express the same thing. To avoid confusion with the baby.

4, identify items + physical card help

Common table, sofa, and other fish identified in life, in the 8 months later you can try to watch the physical card, generally may be about 10 months before he can identify some familiar objects. Identification cards to be firmly in kind, not those of the deformation of the deformation of the Meng Meng, is a pure photo recognition. This is convenient for children to contact life, easier to understand.

5, the story of course, of course, can not be

The baby of picture focus is not strong, 1 years ago the main choice of tear rotten cloth book, rounded environmental protection board book, when he is interested in is doubled, that is not complete after listening to a story.

1 years old -1 years old and a half child learning to speak

1 years later, the baby seems to suddenly understand every word you say. When you say you want to have lunch, he goes to the table with a bowl. You said you were looking for the shoes. His understanding is far more than he can say.

1, speak a little slower, not uncommon words

Parents and children exchange, try to slow down a little. Make a sentence according to his hearing words, saying he is familiar with the vocabulary and sentence, not familiar with the new words, slow. For example, "the baby wants to eat sweet - sweet circle".

2, try not to say that the child say short sentences

Don't like singing like hanging throat, never say "sugar, shoes shoes". Try to use simple words and short sentences to communicate, easy for baby to understand and repeat practice.

3, accurate pronunciation, spit clear words

The baby 1 years old said, basically only long-term with his parents to understand others, it's hard to hear his words. Their tongue mouth is adapting to the huge vocabulary, parents must use standard pronunciation to communicate, demonstration.

4, action and words together

By the age of 1 and a half, the baby walk very well, but also can jump. "Football" in the play, in the last step the time ", which helps to lift the" he will contact action and word understanding.

5, identify the objects in life

This method is applicable to all the stages at any time to identify the baby he is interested in the goods.

1 years old and a half -2 year old baby learning to speak

The 2 year old children can not only understand most of what you say to him, the vocabulary is in rapid expansion, this year, he gradually formed from 2-3 word sentences (to drink juice, mom, cookies) jumped to 4, 5 or 6 words in a sentence (dad, where is the ball that? The baby sat on my lap, and he began to use pronouns, even though he was often wrong. But the baby's vocabulary accumulation is not balanced, so do not tangle with someone else's home baby comparison.

1, given the instructions containing 2-3 requirements

For example, "go to the room, take the teddy bear and the dog", through the complex instructions to improve the baby's ability to understand the language.

Common items and pictures, to identify 2 life

Whether it is to go out at home, for example, see the "zebra crossing, traffic lights, public toilet, sculpture" anything at any time, identified, and simply give the baby to illustrate this item is what to do, in order to understand him.

3, name, age and gender

Ask and answer, what is your name? How old are you? Are you a boy or a girl? Let him in the question and answer is familiar with their own information, skilled in this method after training, mom and dad's name.

4, pronouns (you and I) the use of

A lot of children in this pronoun is fuzzy. For example, the mother said, "do you want toys?"". So in the original proposal to use the third person. Another way to ask the child to the toy, he will answer the baby do not toys". After he is familiar with this statement, it is clear that he is me, the other is you". To fully understand this may take some time.

5, combined with the scene to understand the opposite or contrary words (up and down, inside and outside)

In the normal and the baby exchange, conscious in the application of the situation to say the relationship between these words. For example, the baby inside the tent, Dad outside the tent, the word number of words can be taught.

6, reading stories rich vocabulary

You don't have to take any grammar lessons. The baby gets a lot of basic grammar rules by listening and time. Continue to tell the story to the baby every day, let him repeat certain statements, or a small problem. "The cat met by the river......" The cat meets the dog by the river".

Finally, more verbose summary, teach your baby learn to speak, in addition to the skills and methods, the most need is patience.

No outside of two points:

One is to listen to the baby say.For example, my baby in 1 and a half years old when the expression of desire is very strong, I try to understand what he said, he used body language, action and a series of bobba express his meaning. Listen carefully and let him continue to correct his incorrect pronunciation.

Two is to communicate with the baby.He said, I take the initiative to guide him, especially with out, posters, doorplates, wire, car, what can say. Look at what they're interested in, he will not stop talking said. There is a small chatter, I feel very good, at least learn to speak, my mother will not worry.