The birth of a child, and her husband sleeping in separate rooms could be so serious consequences

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The birth of a child, and her husband sleeping in separate rooms could be so serious consequences

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The child was just 1 years old when he was divorced by Y for the first time in two months.

The news is shocking, in my eyes,

Her marriage pattern is very firmHer parents, a good income, two in a small town, two middle school, high school and college students are high, a relationship is when she married a childhood sweetheart; bought a house of more than and 100 square meters and 200 thousand small scooter, material and spirit are on the other.

Talk about the reasons for divorce, Y quite helpless: "my greatest regret is that please Yuesao, let the mother-in-law come and help with the children, so that children have no chance to take care of the baby father."

The family is not short of money, Y please Yuesao is the most expensive town. Yuesao very good people, take care of the child with a child in her sleep, also picked up the housework.

When the children wake up in the night, there are also old moaning, fear of affecting the husband rest, Y offered to let him sleep in the guest bedroom farthest from the master bedroom.

After a month Yuesao leave, want to enjoy the "husband wife child hot Kang" life, but was a mother sent back word: "you have to work during the day, the baby is now too much to wake up in the night and sleep through the night before you come back, I am in your bedroom and a bed, have what thing on top of me on the line."

As close as mother and daughter and mother-in-law, Y no objection, she is really hard for this family love husband. This separation of life is a blink of an eye for half a year, Y off maternity leave to return to the workplace, they would like to take care of her husband and his mother.

The husband came back, is not used in the middle of the night from time to time by changing diapers, powdered milk, quilt interrupted sleep. Because sleep is not good, he became very bad temper, constantly accused of Y not considerate, obviously a person can get, but pulled him into the water, do not understand his hard work".

And Y think: I also go to work during the day with the baby, when the mother can bear, why you can not do when the father?

In the course of contacts, less than two months, two people had a very loving row incompatible.

Unfortunately, the couple contradictions affecting both parents, marital conflicts rise to family conflicts.

Mother in law said: "my daughter is also working to make money, what a person suffering hardship";

"We think that mother is also the home of a person, other women can do, how could you be so fragile, few men with baby, around the turn man can have what skill"......

In the end, the marriage is not a winner. Divorce,

Y got a daughter, lost her husband, Y's husband lost his daughter, lost a stable home.<1Two3>

Before I heard this thing, I have been sleeping in separate rooms and zhe dad, one of the reasons is the fear of children wake up old, affect his work; the two reason is he sleeping too heavy, almost a pressure to the children, I am afraid there will be potential risk.

The side of the mother, also have a lot of choice and husband sleeping in separate rooms. Especially in the yard, "nine out of ten husband kicked out of the bedroom, it is replaced by the mother or mother-in-law, yuesao.

A friend learned that my father and I have been "separation", directly advised: "no matter what, mom and dad should sleep together, otherwise the child is easy to psychologically and father alienation."

Said this, zhe students can clearly express the master bedroom bed is he and my father's bed in the bedroom.

Take a nap wake up, open your eyes to the father in the side, instinctively to push: "go, go daddy! Mama's bed!"

A healthy family, the relationship between husband and wife must be higher than parent-child relationship.

After thinking about it, I decided to bring my husband back. After the goal is clear, many of the original thought is easy to solve the problem:

I was sleeping in the middle of the night, when my father pressed the child;

Afraid of the child fell off the bed, put the bed close to the wall, the child slept inside;

If the baby dad sleep snoring so loudly affect children, into a natural habit;

Children do not accept the father, father and child interaction, and often stressed that our father and we can also be a family......

Let me unexpectedly, when the three of us slept 1.8 meters on the bed, not to is the baby dad - Child Night Cream frequently, not to eat children crying, he felt too tired, seriously disturbed him rest; at night I also feel a person to accompany the child to have enough anti most of the time the child is sleeping!

Hear him say tired child, my anger slowly rushed straight -

I took the baby to sleep for more than a year without too much trouble, you sleep two days pick pick up the three of the four!

After arguing for many times, I understand: with the baby in this matter, if the husband has been absent, there is no feeling this thing, unless they really appreciate the hardships.

Fortunately, when we got engaged, I had a bad cold. Her mother was traveling to Taiwan, my family can not come in time in Shandong. I had a high fever and diarrhea, only one side to take care of my baby dad, while taking care of the baby.

The two night, he repeated all I do for children: eating, milk, brushing, washing, pajamas, wearing diapers, a bedtime story, get up at night to cover children n quilt, at least two times of touch to see whether or not to change a new diaper......

Two days later, my body improved, and finally can wear masks to coax children to play. That day is Saturday, I accompany the child to read picture books, found the baby dad ready to cut eggs, Sheng good porridge to the living room. See me holding the child out of his black eyes but not a word of complaint, only said: "the night the kids really tired, do not know if this is how you get over it for more than and 400 days, after our work day shift with children."

This sentence, not romantic at all, but I think that is the best love: he finally understand a mother is not easy......<12Three>

On New Year's Eve, a friend in Guangzhou asked the boy why he had not slept well on the WeChat.
This is a treasure dad, chatted for a long time, found that may be insufficient breast milk. The treasure dad because of work reasons can not keep his wife and children around, but his words, let me very touched.

I gave him advice, he said: "thank you, I just think my wife two or three hours to feed a milk too hard."

Thousands of miles away, I could feel his love and understanding for his wife. Such a man, even if the person is not at home, the family can feel his love, right?

But for many novice dads, inertia tends to easily overcome love and understanding.

So, just gave birth to a child, the novice mothers had better not too sensible, to raise the child's responsibility for a woman hard to resist.

A child let husband sleep Ciwo mother, husband accused of not as saying: "I said to him whether children, he was accused of I never gave him a chance, don't let him do what, also put him out of the bedroom, you have no conscience?"

Think carefully, her husband's words have some truth.

The arrival of a new life, as a father, each new father has been in the mind of the little life to pay for all this? When we take care in the name of their baby stop in busy outside, they will lose the opportunity to practice and enjoy life.

The other half assume parenting responsibility, the yard is a perfect opportunity to go home from the hospital on the first day, let them see small growth of life, far from the baby will ask dad to allow them to rush to start more meaningful. For the baby, every change diapers, every touch, every time, every time teasing milk dad, means that three words:

Love, responsibility.

So, give birth to the child, don't sleep and husband housing. Let them witness everything you do for your baby, not only let the more intimate relationship between father and son, will let them see you as a parent of empathy for your hard work, sacrifice, and more understanding and love.

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