24 illustrations reduction mentality during pregnancy women

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24 illustrations reduction mentality during pregnancy women

2017-01-11 00:10:54 204 ℃

Pregnancy is very hard, mothers will encounter many problems during pregnancy. This is called the Line Severinsen illustrator recorded anecdotes during pregnancy with a brush. Line is a mother of two children, 2012 pregnant, he began painting a series of illustrations, the middle thestagnation, until second pregnancy was started again. Her paintings will make mothers feel.

1, things fall to the ground, in addition to shout silently: [special mody! There is no other way.

2, can not see under the belly part, of course, not shaving their legs

3, men will always be in a panic (I poked the baby!)

4, relatives and friends like to touch your stomach

5, feel oneself is a big belly cow, how to lie is not comfortable

6. It's hard to wear shoes

7, there will be a stretch marks on the stomach, to imagine themselves as a tiger is also good, after all, we are all the body of the animals

8, it will be very hard too frequently

9, frequent access to the toilet

10, the only good thing to name the baby is to recognize that they hate a lot of people

11, fear of production in public places, amniotic fluid will flow out

12, pregnant too like what wail

13, never in front of a pregnant woman said: [Tian na! You have a lot of fat, [you have 3 births? And so on.

14, very worried that others can not see their pregnancy, but that this is a beer belly

15, like the Pea Princess, need a lot of pillows to sleep comfortably

16, don't eat too much

17, hands and feet will be swollen

18, pregnant to stay away from alcohol

19, sometimes look at the production of movies a day, but also can not help crying

20, the nurse to the placenta to see his father is often very scary

21, hormone secretion during pregnancy

22, the middle of the night will be cramps

23, about to produce, I feel a time bomb in my stomach

24, pregnancy can not do a great deal of fitness