Please tell the child: do not read, in exchange for the life of the humble and bottom!

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Please tell the child: do not read, in exchange for the life of the humble and bottom!

2017-01-11 00:15:50 118 ℃

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There's always something like this on the internet:Do not study hard when the boss, and good students are to those who have trouble working.

There are a lot of parents to better reflect the mother, that their children do not want to read, if parents repeatedly tough for children to study, children will list some culture is not high, but the cause is very successful people to block the mouth of parents.

Some people may say, what is the use of reading, and now a lot of college did not read very well mixed.

There are 100 people in the village, of which 10 were well studied. Twenty years after the party, the 10 good people in the study of the 5 when the big boss, the poor in the study of the people there are 5 when the big boss. Family members said: you look bad when the number of big boss and learning is the same! So it is no use learning.

One hundred people in reading, there is a mix of bad people say, reading the top ball. One hundred people do not read, there is a mix of good, it was said that reading the top ball.

Excellent mother would like to tell the children is: do not read on the pinnacle of life, only a small number of people, most people's living situation is not optimistic.

And those who do not read a small proportion of the success of the people, that is, they have some of the qualities of success, and whether you have it?

I'm sorry to tell you, this is more than and 30 years after the reform and opening up China, there were no low quality and loopholes policy flourishes miracle, especially in the coming era of knowledge economy.

Here is the survival of the fittest, here is the survival of the fittest.

Children, from now on, study hard,

Future of you,

Will be grateful for now desperately.

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