When the mother understand the 12 moments, the last one every day staged!

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When the mother understand the 12 moments, the last one every day staged!

2017-01-11 00:16:15 95 ℃


Winter afraid of a cold, wear thick

layers of clothing

Can't figure out exactly like a penguin

Or penguins like themselves!<1Two3>


The belly of the child afraid of hypoxia

All the doors and windows open

Small sun, air conditioning all open

The house is still as cold as outside<12Three>


Sleeping is not comfortable

I can never sleep well

Or always wake up

Or do a strange dream.


I'm looking forward to the unloading

Others said: after the birth of thin

All! Is! Cheat! People! The!

After the real unloading

The belly is still big!


Confinement is the most painful time Grey

All day looking forward to dark, Pan Tianliang

To realize the true meaning of

To be in deep anxiety day seems like a year!


But others said that he did not have the milk

Big cows are also very painful

Get out of the milk

Accidentally get mastitis


A silly three years?

It's true

Forget to always forget baby just

Which side of the milk to eat


Under the strange eyes of others

I don't want to topless

But the baby is hungry.

For Niang what all can not attend to


I heard that every mom is a little nervous

For example......

Wake up suddenly in the middle of the night

See if the baby is breathing


For example......

Always worried about the baby would be abducted

Fear that the child will be gone in an instant



Mummy and baby really knowing.

You always know when your baby wakes up

When there is danger

Isn't it amazing?


No matter what her husband is doing.He is not pleasing to the eye

Because of our sins.

They are all caused by him!

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