The same watch TV, why people's children look more and more refined, the more you look at the more silly home?

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The same watch TV, why people's children look more and more refined, the more you look at the more silly home?

2017-01-11 11:53:40 133 ℃

Wen |CC mom and Dad

We have written many times about the tv. (this article refers to the TV television, mobile phone, IPAD and all other electronic products)

I've written about the dangers of having children watch TV too early; the way to stay away from television before the age of 2; and the right guidance to watch TV after 2.

Today, CC is nearly 3 years old, watching TV is nearly a year.

Yeah, C mom has something to say.

This year, are watching TV, your child with other people's children, really the same?

  • Why do some children watch tv,The language expression to achieve the perfect counter attack,Not only did they learn the good manners and habits of the cartoon, but also learned self-control and self-discipline.

  • But some children only learn actionpacked; a little good temper and accomplishment; not only learn self-discipline, but learn to indulge?

Is the same in the two buddy watch TV together, finally the difference how so big?

Mom and dad before asking the child, may wish to ask yourself,Do you have the following 3 points?

There is no help for children to select high-quality animation resources

New year's day to visit the instructor, he met 4 year old grandson, small age of many marine organisms actually familiar?

Barracuda, blobfish, oarfish...

As an adult, I feel deeply knowledge was crushed, I asked to know, most of them are learned from the British BBC cartoon "submarine" in the small column.

A cartoon, better than the production of more, is really from the perspective of the child to see the world, to understand the child's mental and psychological world.

Early film "the English Teletubbies", early education and psychologists research cost is much higher than the late animation production costs.

But in contrast, a lot of domestic animation, is not trueFrom the child's psychology, but the adult world adaptation of the animated version".

For example, a bear, a sheep, it can not enrich the perception of the baby, and even set the example of the strength can not do.

In addition, for the baby just touch the TV, the real appropriate animation, it is best to have a wealth of derivative products.

For example, pink pig sister, love adventure Dora, in addition to cartoons, but also derived a lotPicture books and related toys.

The animation role extends to the real life, especially the TV picture books, did not see enough, can continue to read picture books.

With these extensions, the protagonist of the animation will really become a friend of the child.

With these spiritual sustenance, but also can effectively prevent children addicted to tv.

You are not only the cartoon as a tool to coax children

That day CC grandma with her old friend exchange experience with grandchildren.

Her friend said proudly,Our little grandson can be fine, only three years old will open their own cell phone to find the bear haunt.

Went to bed without coax, old two went to sleep, the children with their own mobile phone, enough to see myself off to sleep.

The tone is the pride and pride.

See CC again,Live to 3 years old still do not know how to slide to unlock the phone.

In my mother's fine extinction (heart) heart (machine) training, only to learn, is to know the off button on the remote controller, not broadcast station, not for show, true antique.

The TV as a tool to coax children, is really so ah.

But one of the major drawbacks of television is that it can only be one-way inputAfter reading.

After two years of age children, parents should help him to learn from the television, and the world around them, to complete the conversion between input and output.

CC a year in cartoons, or just watch "Dora" and "Diego" of the two.

At first we are watching with her, when cannot read will help her to explain, for example, Diego rescue many tools: inflatable boats, gliding, rescue rope, exactly as it is, how to use.

After reading in the life of a cartoon similar environment will help her association. For example, see little cousin, think about Dora is how to take care of younger siblings?

A year, she has been familiar with the animation of the characters, animals and plot, no longer need our help.

Watching TV, she will interpret.

  • One day she will be in trouble today Diego, a small animal is the polar bear, (my balcony not warm cold, she will put a bear doll in there, his) explained: "here is very cold, the polar bears live in cold places. Oh, no! Oh, the ice broke, and the polar bear's ice is going to the warm waters. I'm going to use it to help it."

  • One day she may also be Dora, want to cross the bridge, met with grumpy dwarfs, she begged, please let me go across the bridge, I have a very important thing, the dwarfs may still disagree, then sing a song to listen to it?

This is the completion of the TV from the input to the output of the transition, so that life and television to complete the docking.

As adults, we all know that those who have learned later can be used, will become increasingly clear.

Those people get along with the road, workplace guidelines, only from other places to practice, in order to become their own experience.

Can only stop at the moment, no matter how good, will slowly fade.

Is your TV set a privilege

I've seen a lot of families, the TV has become a child's private property,The child is the only one who has the right to speak,What is he say, others can only stand.

There are families, children watching TV, mom and dad argue, but their nest in the corner with a cell phone to see.

Very busy!

Such overbearing child, how may not more and more bear?

If a family can be as warm as in spring, because it can make everyone feel fair, can take care of everyone's feelings.

Blindly accommodate children, he will not be grateful.

The first CC think there are signs of this cartoon, because I almost never watch TV with C dad, so the home TV is only open to CC, she thought it was private property.

Then I decided to start "drama", said, I also want to see!

CC of course not, as long as I turn on the TV, she will visit her, let me see.

I told her that TV is not your own, everyone can have their own TV time.

You have what you want to see, I have what I want to see. If you don't let me see, I'll think about you.

She still feel wronged, and later deliberations, a person how a set?

Either take it or not.


After every time she read will consciously say, I finished a set, and you can see the mother of the.

She no longer dominate, I wouldn't be on the pretext of "drama" to compete with her.

So even now go to grandma, grandmother home, will try to respect their habits.

Will see the opera channel CC grandpa every day before dinner sketch program. Every time we go back, but also look, to stop him deliberately for CC broadcast into cartoons.

Favorite thing, the most difficult to give up.

And this process is to develop good habits, practice self-discipline, the most suitable place.

Appendix: new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics has always insisted that children under the age of 2 do not watch TV, but some time ago, the latest recommendations, the age of 2 to the age of 1 and a half.

A lot of moms like Amnesty, but is it really that simple?

  • 18-24 months, try to avoid the use of electronic products for children(video chat).

  • 18-24 months, if you want to introduce, please choose the high quality program, and watch with the child, to help her to tell him what to see? Avoid letting children watch videos alone at this age.

  • 2-5 years old, every day to watch the video of the time limit for 1 hours (this is more stringent than before, before the provisions of not more than 2 hours) at the same time, parents should help children to learn, he saw things, applied to the world around.

C mama said

Science and technology innovation, but also changed the role of new media in the lives of infants and young children, so that now the baby put an end to electronic products, almost impossible.

This may be the reason why the American Academy of Pediatrics relaxes the age limit for watching videos. But at the same time, it must be pointed out that the introduction of television, but never can, parents can stay, but also devotion.

The cartoon is never a great scourges, either from the cognitive behavior training, improve the baby, or to enhance the education, it can have great significance.

Just look at you, will not use this double-edged sword.

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