Children have these two performance is to grow a long, parents may delay the child long!

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Children have these two performance is to grow a long, parents may delay the child long!

2017-01-11 11:54:10 61 ℃

Every parents want their children to have a pair of big legs, but in life, many parents have ignored the signal of children grow taller, or even delay the child's height growth caused irreparable regret.

First, increase appetite

Height can not be separated from the development of adequate nutrition, the child suddenly increased appetite, often hungry, is to grow taller signal. At this stage, parents must correct the child partial eclipse, picky eating habits, to achieve a balanced nutrition, help children grow taller.

Two, trousers shorter

How long did not buy the new pants, they can not cover the child's ankle, but also high performance, but also accompanied by a sudden decrease in children's shoes. This is because the children are from the bottom up long, first from the feet become larger, legs began to grow. This is the case, parents can not complain child shoes, children should be timely to replace the shoes, so as not to hinder the children grow taller.

In addition, the child before going to bed always shout leg pain, leg cramps in the middle of the night, this is due to the rapid growth, especially in the case of excessive exercise during the day. Parents can gently help the child massage, legs, or take a hot towel for a while, can help children relieve pain.

Want to hold the child long period, let the child head channeling, nutrition must keep up, especially calcium and vitamin D. Usually the children go out to exercise, can exercise, but also the sun vitamin D, shoot two hawks with one arrow. In addition, adequate sleep is also very important to promote growth hormone only children grow taller in the evening will secretion, so must the children develop good habits, do not stay up late to bed.

Children how to add food supplement? How can the baby sleep well at night, the baby does not love to eat how to solve?

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