Nine strokes to bring out a little sick baby, do not forget!

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Nine strokes to bring out a little sick baby, do not forget!

2017-01-11 11:55:45 127 ℃

After the mother found that a little sick baby really let her mother a lot easier. This idea became the world all mothers wish.

In the process of feeding, follow the following 9 points, can let the baby's body less sick, mom less worried.

Breast milk is the world's most nutritious natural food, not only let the baby thrive, but also to enhance the baby's resistance to reduce the incidence of disease.

Contact with the nature of micro-organisms can also enhance the baby's resistance, as long as the attention to safety, let the baby enjoy the joy of nature to bring it.

Densely populated places, bacteria and viruses will be relatively increased, easy to spread disease. Especially in the epidemic period.

Vaccination is the most effective way to get the most effective way to get the baby, the baby can be vaccinated to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.

Scientific feeding, so that the baby's body to get a balanced nutrition, baby good health, resistance is relatively strong, it is difficult to invade the disease.

Washing hands before and after meals, refused to ", but excessive Disease enters by the mouth." sterile but less suitable for baby growth, weaken children adapt to the environment and resistance.

To kill bacteria in antibiotics at the same time, the baby body also kills bacteria, so why baby resistance is more and more weak, cause of disease has been more and more frequent.

Members of the family are sick, remember to do isolation measures. To avoid cross infection, don't lead to the baby sick one after another.

Some of the small diseases, can be through their own immunity to fight against the disease, do not have to take medicine on a little bit of discomfort, as long as the appropriate observation and treatment, the baby will heal.

In fact, every time a baby sick, the body's immune suppression will be enhanced, and constantly consolidate their own defense system, and then become more and more strong physique.

All mothers, as long as in the daily life, let the baby fewer preventable diseases such as (colds, diarrhea, tonsillitis), do the above points, the small baby disease is no longer have a headache that distressed mother.

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