Have reacted strongly to the pregnant mother, gave birth to the baby will be more intelligent?

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Have reacted strongly to the pregnant mother, gave birth to the baby will be more intelligent?

2017-01-11 11:56:02 97 ℃

When I was pregnant, from pregnancy more than and 40 days morning sickness reaction obviously, smell what flavor of sorts, taste more fragrant smell more disgusting, home fried dishes I have to wear a mask to hide the bedroom cloth. No matter where I reach is trash, the belly of the stomach are brew storms on rivers and seas, bile excretion.

Eat what vomit what, sore throat have to drink saliva all pain. That day really the heart has to die, on a vast force chowhound is torture, even can not see the husband eat well, like incense, to fifth months to recover from that, when I eat white Steamed Rice are fragrant.

A lot of morning sickness during pregnancy because pregnant mother distressed endless unbearable, but by the domestic and foreign research scholars have proved that in fact more intense morning sickness of the pregnant mother, gave birth to the baby more clever.

The main reason is that pregnant mother after pregnancy, body function and hormone levels in the body will change a lot, quickly elevated levels of HCG, inhibited the enzyme activity in the digestive juice of pregnant mother, pregnant mother to digestive function, digestive, vomiting, poor appetite.

However, morning sickness reaction obviously HCG levels on the rise, indicating the healthy growth of the fetus in the pregnant mother, chances of abortion will be lower.

By the way, but want to eat but not eat anything, the smell of nausea, vomiting really was too painful, don't worry,3 ways to alleviate the pregnancy reaction, eat well.

1 eat more meals, which is a very effective way to alleviate the reaction of pregnant women.Because entering pregnancy, pregnant mother's digestive function weakened, eat too much but easy to vomit. Each meal to eat less, increase the number of meals, who can also bring some small snacks, hungry when you eat a little.

2 avoid spicy food, eat more flavor.Spicy spicy food easy to hurt the fragile digestive system of pregnant mother, and crackers, Steamed Rice, yogurt and other carbohydrate rich foods, can alleviate morning sickness.

3 clever use of lemon, lemon fragrance and sour to alleviate the pregnant mother vomiting, nausea feeling.Cut a fresh lemon, put it on the hand, smell it from time to time, or drop a fresh lemon juice on a handkerchief.

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