Living or not? No licensing is pregnant with a second child, the Father also derailed......

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Living or not? No licensing is pregnant with a second child, the Father also derailed......

2017-01-11 11:56:15 70 ℃

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Recently, a mother in the mother complained for the group, the way it is:

The mother has a two-year-old daughter, recently found himself pregnant again, more than two months. This is supposed to be a family celebrating the wedding, but the problem is that she and Dad had never been married, but six months ago she found the father derailed. Two people have been noisy, but more and more children dad and "mistress" and in a flagrant way, but she was then pregnant.

Unexpectedly, the child's father and her mother asked her to destroy the child, also claimed that even born will not recognize. But her own mother thought abortion was too much damage to the body, insisted that she was born. Seeing the fetus in the stomach for nearly three months, she has not made up her mind.

The group raged, mothers have for her to give advice and suggestions, is nothing more than two kinds of views:First, born, the child is innocent, slag male do not recognize the big deal with their own; two, can not be born, born to the child is not responsible for the single mother raising the difficulties of the two children.

Two days later, she finally made a decision to tell everyone that she will go to the hospital tomorrow for abortion surgery, and determined to separate from his father, his daughter.

The group is also a regret sound, those who support her to leave the children are beginning to persuade, stream of people operation diagram also issued a network spread far and wide, sad indictment of abortion is cruel......

I have been paying close attention to the heated discussion, but did not make any comments. Because she is very similar to my experience, often in retrospect, it is categorically not from the objective point of view of the observer.

Six years ago, my first boyfriend and graduated from the University, after the stable naturally began to talk about marriage. When I was filled with happiness for the marriage room and wedding busy, but caught him with another girl in pairs. I now decisively choose to break up, let him on a set of apology, kneel, self affliction drama, I never wavered, I believe"The difference between derailed and domestic violence only zero and countless".

Probably broke up shortly after I Disasters pile up on one another., that she was pregnant, unexpected life makes me hesitate whether to forgive her ex boyfriend for the baby. Unexpectedly, the slag with the successful host of the male has started all over the world the sun loving mistress,.

A few days later, I accompanied my parents to go to the hospital to do stream of people operation.

See here, some people will accuse me of the cruel, but that I have been very calm, I can not accept my children to have a father like that, can not bring the children living in such a miserable predicament.

Fortunately, a year later, my father and I have formed a happy family, he accompanied me through the darkest days. Marriage from pregnancy to pregnancy all smooth, daughter Xuan Xuan is four years old. I have never regretted my decision, and I am glad that I was decisive.

"Nandu weekly" has published an article, a female college student decided to shoot an abortion experience of female nude, and record their stories.

Women from the birth, to the life and death of the people, the experience of suffering will leave traces in the body...... Any kind of contraceptive measures can not guarantee 100%, the girl accidentally pregnant, social morality should not give her a yoke, become a sinner, women should have the right to procreate."

I was impressed by the passage.

The subjects were more than 20 years old when they were shot down, and the father of the fetus was a young man, and some of them were still reading. They can not afford the "father" in responsibility, learned that his girlfriend was pregnant after him is not in the minority. Surgery, medical expenses, sequelae, psychological trauma...... The girl must bear alone.

I can understand many people for abortion is not tolerant attitude, because there are often "behind abortion affecting female fertility" implies that the female value and "fertility" "family" tied to modern women's rights and irreplaceable contribution is ignored.

Just a few years ago to open the second child alone, around a lot of people are eager for a fight ready to. I have two female colleagues, invariably feel the pressure from the family, the birth of the army. Coincidentally, two people are the first daughter, and her grandchildren desire is also very strong. Before planning strictly, although not willing, but also love the undivided attention granddaughter, that can have a second child, I got the first prize is more exciting than.

Zennai luohuayouyi the two female human feeling is like running water, colleagues of the two child is not high spirits. Colleague A believes that the current energy is not suitable for the family to raise two children, now is the mother in help with her daughter, then a baby is unable to cry piteously for food, I'm afraid well. Colleague B is simply do not want to live, she is pregnant from the production process are more painful, the daughter was only a year and a half, she is not ready.

A's husband also want to add a child, both men and women are good, and I hope she can resign full-time mother. She thought about a husband and frank,Frankly, their concerns, but also firmly expressed her desire to adhere to the work.Finally, her husband was persuaded, but also actively help her persuade her mother-in-law.

Colleague B is not so lucky. A strong woman is not willing to defy the husband act tough and talk soft, mother will become increasingly tense family relationship. About half a year later, even to the point of divorce, her daughter to support her. I heard just out of the Bureau of civil affairs, she is full of joy to his son to go blind.

Maybe it's hard to believe that there are so many boys, but you must have this family: if a daughter will continue to give birth to sons, until now. The boy can "add incense" thought, in China still ingrained.

See men argue that on the Internet, the woman should at home mothers, children do housework, but also hard work are not capable of husband.

First,It's not the same as taking the kids to do the housework.Moreover, women need to have their own career both before and after marriage, even if it is part-time, public welfare, learning to charge, are called a career.You can not make money, but can not do without cause.

Even more frightening is that sometimes true discrimination against women, often women themselves. The phrase "many years old daughter-in-law boil", now want to also don't mean.

A lot of friends, often see things like exclamation "men are unreliable, women must rely on their own, to our own good", but to the last topic, always put the disappointments of life due to their marriage was not good. I can not help but to marriage and family can't help laughing, as measured by the standard of happiness this is not wrong, why should the "feminism" as a man under the guise of them complain.

Together with the children and loved ones, let me have a perfect life, but I don't love "I would like for you to have children" so that seemingly full of love and sacrifice, the actual inadvertently let women become humble and a mother.The real equality of mind should be, I love you, so I would like to give birth to a child.

Because I have experienced the pain of losing, so I am very grateful to the security of the family now.

I also hope that those who have no choice but to abortion, or to resist the birth of the machine to believe that women:

Whether that is the right choice, but at least you decide your life, do not have to be shrouded in the shadow of moral kidnapping. You still have the right to meet your angel at the right time.

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