Pediatric expert Li Pu: what time can give the baby salt?

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Pediatric expert Li Pu: what time can give the baby salt?

2017-01-12 00:48:02 74 ℃

Adults have been found to contain salt, monosodium glutamate, a variety of condiments dishes are delicious.

andBaby before the age of 1And eat breast milk, formula milk, and even add fruits and vegetables while not salty, it contains sodium ions, can completely satisfy the requirements of this stage of growth and development of children,No additional salt supplement. In addition, less than 1 year old baby kidney function is not perfect, not the body to excrete excess sodium, excessive intake will increase the burden on the kidneys, but also develop the baby love to eat salty food habits, is not willing to accept the light taste food, go down for a long time may also affect the baby's taste sensitivity, the formation of the problem of picky about food.

So,Baby before the age of 1That does not require additional salt.Add a little salt to your baby when you are 1 years old or older, but the amount must be appropriate.Recommended for 1 g / day).

Author:Li Pu, Peking Union Medical College Hospital pediatric experts, a contributing author point.

1964 graduated from the first eight years after the liberation of the Peking Union Medical College, engaged in pediatric work in Peking Union Medical College Hospital for more than 20 years.

Expertise: pediatric clinical, early childhood education, child nutrition, health counseling, physical and mental assessment, intellectual development.

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