Why do kids if you take like a passing wind? I don't yell anymore

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Why do kids if you take like a passing wind? I don't yell anymore

2017-01-12 00:48:23 72 ℃

Mom and Dad, is there such a time, when you call the baby, or let him pick up the toys, or let him stop the game at hand...... One time, two times, three times, he didn't seem to hear you talk, you bulibucai. This is why?

Reason one: instinctive self protection

When the mother of the baby will often raise a hue and cry, "selective hearing", this is the baby in the instinct of self-protection, which is caused by psychological problems of understanding or partial hearing resistance and elimination.

For the baby, the mother in a high frequency sound under anger is a kind of noise, the baby young minds in order not to damage the heart of mother image, the instinct to shield the hearing organ selective their tender. Therefore, parents should manage their emotions.

Reason two: in order to get the attention of parents

Mom and dad fight baby "deaf"? This is because the baby was born in the care of their parents, consciously comfortable and safe, is to meet in a safe environment, when mom and dad quarrel, sensitive baby will feel unsafe, and will feel that mom and dad do not ignore me, because this is the fastest way to get a "sick" parents pay close attention to the behavior, psychological factors of selective deaf "is the instinct of the pathogenic organism.

So, first of all, parents do not fight in front of the baby. Secondly, if the quarrel, tell the baby, let the baby know not because of him, to protect the safety of the baby.

Reason three: negative resistance to parental directives

When the baby is not alone in our language, is not necessarily a problem with the baby hearing, but in adults and confrontation". Three years old, along with the arrival of a baby's resistance period, this disobedient performance will be more and more, this is the baby stressed self performance. The baby has his own opinion. Is no longer the parents say what is what the "kids", for parents of order is not fully accepted, sometimes will use "pretending not to listen to negative resistance. At this time, according to the reaction of the baby, their instructions for a statement. For example: mom know you haven't play enough, mom to help you put the blocks on one side, while eating more? At the same time, the baby has a cooperative behavior, parents should be encouraged in a timely manner to strengthen.

Reason four: too focused on doing things

The game of the baby all the energy and enthusiasm are highly focused on their own work, will not pay attention to the outside world. So if the baby is concentrating on the game that he is interested in and asking him for it, he can't get out of it at once. Parents do not disturb the baby's game, if the child's interest is often interrupted, will affect the development of attention and willpower.

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