How to keep calm when the child is sick

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How to keep calm when the child is sick

2017-01-12 00:48:32 69 ℃

The child is the family, the family is concerned about the nature of the illness is very natural, and everyone wants the child to quickly return to normal, to restore health, this dedication, is the cause of anxiety.

It means that you have a clear awareness

Calm is able to have a clear awareness of the child's condition is clear. On the contrary, anxiety means out of control, and the focus of attention is on yourself,When thinking about solving a child's illness, in fact, is thinking about to solve their anxiety, or family anxiety,Although the treatment is applied to children, but the focus is to solve their own problems.

So, the problem you have to solve quickly is anxiety. And when you know that this condition is controllable, by what happened to cure pathological, how, how will be about the whole process, you can go to sleep in peace, peace of mind at ease, eat, and even forget to give him the medicine.

Calm means that you can calmly make choices

Calm means that you can choose, on the contraryAnxiety means ".. Treatment of sick children, there are many choices, one can choose not to do, most children's problems can be self-healing; two is a choice of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is good although it is hard to find, as long as the heart, can help children always have three Chinese; can choose Western medicine, the earth people know four; can choose their own intervention, this depends on the learning problem of children is relatively simple, if the child in good condition, right at home intervention is very effective.

So, when you know the doctor or better handle their illness better at home, to find what the doctor treated better, the doctor's treatment direction is right, what will happen in the process, when you know that you can make a choice. It all depends on your knowledge and learning about Chinese medicine.

You can feel, but you need not in pain,

You have to be strong, help him, save him.

The key point lies in the mother's mentality. When a child is ill, a child will suffer. But the disease is first of all normal, sick everyone is going to experience, the child's illness is the child's own experience, the mother is irreplaceable. Children have the right to experience their own pain. On the basis of this understanding, we can talk about how to help children properly.

So, even in the face of sick children suffering, still able to keep calm and serene, even be happy -- this is not completely petrified? This is not. For others the pain, and not to say that you must be sad.

On the contrary, you should keep calm and calm, so that you can take action to ease their pain. If you follow the sad, increase around you are not happy, not only to help others, can not help myself. For the child's happiness, of course, parents are full of responsibility, we want to help the child as much as possible, but we must always maintain a balanced heart.

See a child in quicksand, stupid people will become flustered, jumped into the quicksand that regardless of personal danger, also stuck in one of their own; and wise people, will remain stable and steady, find the branches in the past, the children pulled to safety. Parents sometimes hurry the child to the hospital, and then meet the right doctor, cause children health damage, kind of a bad thing to do, it is like quicksand to save the child, child health will damage from the family no peace.

The process of being sick is like a corridor without lights,

When you know how long it is, there's light ahead,

You won't be afraid.

Moreover, the child's illness, there must be a process, whether or not to intervene, it is necessary to experience some time. This process, will lead to a variety of parents uncomfortable, and even fear. For example, a long corridor, if there is no light at night can not see clearly, if this is the first time through, the heart will fear the rise of various, and if it is already passed through many times is very familiar, that even if there is no light nor what fear, or, simply, turn on the light, can see clearly there is no fear, problem.

Study of TCM is such a lamp, follow father sheep Chinese parenting classes, let the children keep sick by the long night, shine a light. Click to read the original for details.