Three year old girl suddenly vomiting incontinence, because mom made the mistake!

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Three year old girl suddenly vomiting incontinence, because mom made the mistake!

2017-01-12 00:49:06 159 ℃

When my baby is older mothers, first conceived daughter, when he was almost 40 years old. Older mothers are particularly hard to conceive, so they are especially careful throughout pregnancy. But who did not expect to be pregnant more than seven months, the daughter actually appeared in advance signs. Because her daughter is premature, so the physical condition is not particularly good, often sick.

Under the care of my parents, children can grow up healthily, not much difference compared with their peers. However, the same as the general premature, the child's gastrointestinal function is not particularly good, after a doctor's examination that the child's ability to absorb iron is particularly poor, and even some symptoms of anemia. In the doctor's advice, I often eat some blood medicine to the child, want to be able to better physical conditioning.

The children every day to eat the blood medicine, and every day to eat three times. Hematonic taste is not particularly good, so the children do not want to take medicine. Every time I give the child to take medicine, always told the children that these are chocolate, not bitter medicine. Because chocolate is bitter, so the children do not think that what I said, so every time when the child to take medicine, children are always clamoring to eat chocolate. Who did not expect because of this thing, to bring the child so much harm.

Once the child entrusted to the parents to take care of, but the father is finishing things at home, the mother to the market to buy food, let the children play in the living room alone. At that time, the child was finishing the toy, the results often seen on the table to eat, so secretly hide all the chocolate in my pocket. My daughter is usually very clever, but I hope she would rather stupid at that time, do not secretly hide in the cupboard, the "chocolate" all eat up.

When my father was busy working on hand in the matter, found her gone, don't stop looking at home, the daughter found in the closet. Who did not expect the child in the closet, the emergence of such symptoms, the whole person in the cabinet huddled together. At that time, my father and mother were terrified, closet daughter went everywhere, spit out everything was dark brown things, found that children also appear incontinence phenomenon.

My father told me this thing, I was scared, and immediately let them hit 120, the child to the hospital. By the time I got to the hospital, the child had been waiting for the doctor's rescue in the operation room. The doctor gave children and do enema, gastric lavage, the children feel very painful, very uncomfortable toss. At that time to see the child's symptoms, I feel particularly uncomfortable.

The side of the father and mother also don't know what to do, but they also feel very guilty, don't know what to do. Later, the doctor said the child ate a lot of blood medicine for stomach, suffered serious damage, the inspection also appeared a large stomach ulcer, the need for hospitalization.

Results the child lived in the hospital for three weeks before leaving the hospital, then I consulted a doctor, said the child's disease is not cured. The doctor said the child's internal organs were damaged, in general it is impossible to completely heal. In daily life, only through the diet to raise the child's stomach, otherwise, it is easy to have problems.

Her stomach is not good, after this event the gastrointestinal function was significantly decreased, even if it has been nursed back to health for many years, but the child's gastrointestinal function is still not good, but worse. Even when the children go to school, there is often the phenomenon of incontinence, the students have been around laughing at her daughter.

I hope that parents can pay attention to in life, do not place the drug casually, the child is young, do not know what drugs are good or bad. If you eat in your mouth, it is easy to cause great harm to the body.

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