Why can't a woman put her as mother? I know now!

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Why can't a woman put her as mother? I know now!

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Just married into her mother's house, hungry, you have to cook a meal of the family to come home; when I was at home, my mother will give you a good meal table;

In front of her mother, always busy, tidy up here, want to tidy up there; when in front of mom, too lazy to feel myself;

Just know when pregnant, the doctor said the birth date is July. Mother said: "how to choose at this time, the confinement hot ah, do not suffer, but also easy to fall ill, to a month in advance!"

Mother said: "Oh, just in July, warm day, the child is not easy to catch a cold."

Early pregnancy reaction, what to eat, see mother distressed to say: "good boy, what to eat with mom, mom will give you. How much to eat, or you can not stand ah."

See also distressed mother said: "you also have to eat vomit now, forcing himself to eat you, this is not a person to eat, to the child. Think about it."

Did the car can not sit, sit on the spit, long time no see my parents miss, my mother was on the phone said: "don't you come over, so hard, your dad and I went to see you. What do you want to eat, the mother is ready to bring you past." The results of the second day, two people carrying a large bag of delicious, appeared in the doorway......

Would like to call her mother-in-law, told him that we will not eat in the past, the mother said: "you do not come over the uncomfortable, carefully hurt the child, so that my son came on the line." The husband went back for a day, I stay at home alone spit faint.

After the early pregnancy reaction, gradually appetite, especially want to eat lychee. Because once a winter, my mother gave me the trustee from the south along the back of fresh litchi, also said not to buy to eat.

She will only give me to buy some oranges, hawthorn, acid teeth, mother said: "eat sour, sour spicy female children, give me a great grandson."

Seeing the growing belly, the mother hurriedly bought two new trousers for me, worried that the pants are too tight, hungry belly le.

But her mother-in-law would only say: "the child had to be prepared, small small quilt mattress ah, what clothes......"

Going into the delivery room, she touched my head distressed to say: "the child, don't go, it is not on the section. Mom and your dad are waiting for you outside."

She shook my hand and said: "the child, strong, endure passed, birth out of the child in good health."

After a while, and finally gave birth to the doctor out of the delivery room at the moment, the mother asked the doctor: "how maternal ah?"

She asked the doctor, "boy or girl?"

Just give birth to the child that a few days, the milk can get down, mother comfort I said don't worry, a few days down, it is not to drink milk. Give me some chicken soup, full of Qi tonic foods.

No milk can give her mother anxious, I cook fish every day to drink milk, I almost spit, or forced me to drink. It is said that the baby grew up drinking milk smart.

The next period of confinement, first lady spent more than a week in my house, said to be home to see, never came back; but my mother is helping me to get out of the month......

I hate some men say, "my parents paid a lot for me, I want to be filial to them". The funny thing is, his wife had no parents? Did not pay it? You don't have filial piety?

In fact, the girl's parents, the boy's parents than the poor much. Because her daughter was married, the opportunity to see really few, very few. Even back home every week, a year, also saw more than 50 times.

In fact, sometimes, is not to be your husband is not good, not only because his mother-in-law is much difficult, too, want my mom and dad......

Why say her mother is not as good as their mother, perhaps this is the answer!

Two mother-in-law's dialogue

A neighbor said: my mother-in-law against daughter-in-law, lazy, sleep until noon, the family did not do things, also let my son got room for her to eat, it is too far.

Later neighbors asked her: your daughter married is not bad, right?

The mother-in-law said: Yes, I am very happy, everyone is very good to her, do not have to do housework, holidays are everywhere to play, you can sleep until noon, the son-in-law will cook things sent to my daughter to eat room!

A,Mother's mouth, mother suddenly forgot; top mother's mouth, a lifetime to keep in mind.

Two,Mother cut fruit for you to eat, let nature take its course; you cut fruit for her mother-in-law to eat, of course.

Three, the hungry, my mother cooks meals for you to eat, very natural; mother cooks meals for you to eat, very unfilial.

Four, eating time, forgot to call her mother to eat, nothing; forgot to call her mother to eat, no manners.

Five, the mother is busy, you did not help, not how; her mother was busy, you did not help, skin itch.

Six, in the mother's home, go out to work, do not have to rush home, just waiting for the meal; work out in the husband's family, home cooking, mother; Xunhua, left ear into the right ear out, her lecture, psychological not to regard it as right will answer... Yes, yes.

Seven, travel with no mother, no one said you unfilial; but did not take a woman, can someone say you unfilial.

Eight, you can say in front of your mother is not, but do not complain in front of your mother.

Nine, in front of her mother, his lazy; in front of her mother, the "lazy" words not.

Ten, at home, a delicious good drink, my mother could not bear to eat, leave you; but in her you have for others.

Eleven, your sadness, your joy, my mother is very concerned about, but her mother, it is difficult to assess.

Twelve, in front of her mother while, is spoiled; while in front of her mother, is treason and heresy.

Thirteen, mother to help her daughter's birthday; daughter is to help her mother birthday.

Fourteen, the mother bear bitter hardships raised you, also pick up not to tell you what to do; a mother-in-law home, you have to raise her son instead to serve her, slightly not, you become a target for all.

Fifteen, my mother never cared about her husband not to help her mother was cooking dishes, son daughter-in-law have to monitor cooking dishes.

Sixteen, mothers only know that when they do their daughter-in-law is very difficult, in other people's home to do the daughter of a daughter-in-law is more difficult; but became the mother's mother had never thought, in their own home to do the same woman daughter-in-law.

Mama, be sure to be happy. Kiss

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