Children's life is only a brain development peak, do not miss!

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Children's life is only a brain development peak, do not miss!

2017-01-12 00:49:23 116 ℃

No parents don't want their baby to be healthy and smart. You can't change the genetic factors that determine your child's intelligence.

But we can give the baby to provide adequate nutrition for brain development, as well as the creation of learning environment! The peak of the development of the child's brain, only once in life, missed irreversible!

In the third trimester of pregnancy and infancy, that is, 30 weeks or so of the fetus to the age of 1 years of infancy, the baby's brain is the fastest growing stage.

70% of the weight and structure of the brain is completed during the fetal period and infancy. From the late pregnancy, brain development has entered a period of rapid growth, in the 12 months after birth, the development of the brain than the birth of an increase of 175%, while the growth rate of only about 18% after the first month of the month than in the 12 months, greatly slowed down.

From birth to 1 years old, the baby's brain weight increased by an average of about 1000 mg per day, almost every minute of the brain cells increased within 6 months of 200 thousand. The baby's brain development sooner sooner, the sooner the more critical, so smart baby should be as early as possible!

Key stages of brain development:

Stage division

Completion rate of brain development

The first stage: 3 months of fetal - postpartum for 6 months

About 50%-60%

The second stage: postpartum 6 months - age of 3

About 80%-90%

The third stage: 3 years old - 6 years old

Basically reach adult level

So, want to let the baby to a higher level of intelligence, we must grasp the time before the age of 3.

Eight nutrients that promote brain development in children:

After the child is born to 3 years of age, a variety of nutrients, to balance the supplement, the following elements must be indispensable.

1, fat: fat is an important component of the brain tissue of nutrients, in the brain plays an important role in the process can not be replaced.

2, protein: protein is the brain to engage in complex intellectual activity of the basic material.

3, vitamin A: vitamin A can promote brain development, the lack of vitamin A can cause mental retardation.

4, calcium: adequate calcium can make the brain work.

5, sugar: sugar is a source of brain energy activity, with the ability to stimulate the brain's ability to play a role.

6, vitamin B family: vitamin B substances can prevent mental disorders.

7, vitamin E: vitamin E has a protective effect on cell membranes, but also to prevent the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids.

8, vitamin C: adequate vitamin C can make brain function.

Stimulate the baby's brain development behavior:

Skin irritation - caress method

Studies have shown that babies get the first communication and the development of the first language is through the skin, after the baby is born, the family of the baby's "love touch" and attention is a child's "strong need"". In various ways to develop early childhood intelligence, the "touch" has been shown to be the best way to promote brain development in infants.

Language stimulation - parents and children talk"

The newborn baby's parents, love with their children, did not have a sentence "lasuosuo", "yahouya" words, these words seem meaningless in the eyes of others words, but in fact it is useful, when babies hear parents consciously when talking to them, the brain will become more active active, can stimulate the baby's brain. In daily life, parents can speak softly in the baby's ear, when the baby noticed the voice of the parents, the baby will twist his head over there, exercise your baby's brain development.

Visual stimulation - color attraction

Baby just born vision limited, parents can make use of some of the sound can be issued, the color of small toys, in front of the baby about 20 cm shaking toys. When the baby noticed toys, parents can slowly move the toy, so that the baby's eyes chasing toys. This allows the baby's brain moving up, the baby will become more and more clever.

Babies grow rapidly in height and weight during their infancy, the fastest growing stage of their lives. However, we can't see the brain development, also in this period of high speed, so l DHA& add in milk ARA+ times; choline is to help children with central nervous transfer information, help the infant brain and nervous system development. Therefore, parents must not miss!