The baby often sick doctor said Grandma is wrong, this is why?

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The baby often sick doctor said Grandma is wrong, this is why?

2017-01-12 00:49:31 171 ℃

Ever since I married my husband, my married life has been very happy. In daily life, the husband particularly spoiled me, and her mother's house is closer to us. I basically do not have to cook class, went directly to her mother's home to eat on it. At the end of the day you can eat hot meals, after dinner can fine and her husband went to a walk in the garden.

After a year of marriage, our baby was born. After a period of maternity leave, the baby began to weaning, so my husband and I will be entrusted to the mother of the child, let her take care of me and my husband to go to work. Mother is very good, very careful to take care of the baby, so the child entrusted to her, I am also very reassuring.

But in the care of a child with a period of time to her mother-in-law, I actually found that there is something wrong with the child's face, pale and feel more yellow, usually eat too much. But compared to the past, the child is not alive and kicking, when fed to the children's children are always in the blues, it feels like a little old man didn't like spirit. Recently, the child seems to have a cold. I found that since the child entrusted to the care of her mother, the child will often have a fever after a cold, feeling particularly poor resistance.

I also suspect that is not the day when her mother took the baby with some wrong place, he also discussed with her husband, but her husband said his mother to bring their own so big, certainly not wrong with the baby. Later, I think it is quite right, her husband's body is particularly healthy, perhaps the baby appears to be a common cold fever phenomenon, it may be since the broken breast milk, some of the body's body resistance is relatively poor. And usually when my mother and my husband are particularly good, are willing to take the baby, no complaints, so I did not doubt what.

Until a baby with a high fever, has been burning for several days, I was scared. I do not dare to take care of the child is too careless, in this case, the mother may have some unusual views on me, but for the baby, I can only do my best not to let the baby suffer. Later, after the baby has a fever, I took the child to see a doctor.

The doctor gave the children a series of checks, suddenly asked me about the quality of sleep of the children recently. Because the daily time is her mother-in-law took the child to sleep, so I did not say anything. Side of the mother said the child every morning is particularly easy to make trouble, but to put the child on the bed to let him sleep, then the child is not willing to sleep. Even in bed, sleep at night when the quality is not good. Always like to roll on the bed, but also often to play the quilt.

Her children for fear of catching cold and will often give their children in the middle of the night to cover the quilt, but the child sleep is not honest, once to tuckhim up he woke up, and then kept kicking quilt.

After hearing this, the doctor suddenly asked her mother, the time when the child is sleeping to cover their own small quilts to sleep, or sleep with adults. Because her mother did not dare let the children a small quilt cover, lest the child fell asleep kicking quilt cold. So when the general is to sleep with her mother, and then the child kicked the quilt, they often cover the quilt for children.

After hearing the words that ordinary children mother-in-law mother-in-law really hard, but who would have thought the doctor suddenly said the child is so small, if sleep together with adults, quilt cover is the adult quilt eight or nine pounds. But for the children of this weight is quite heavy, the equivalent of the covered a large iron plate. The child was so small, how could be so heavy pressure. For a long time, the child will often be quilt cover, sleep quality will be particularly poor, and the resistance will become worse, it is likely to be sick.

Because of the doctor's words, who did not expect a daily weight of ten pounds of quilts, actually able to affect the child's health, think really afraid.

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