How does darling high fever convulsion do? Don't wait until the morning barefoot kneel hailed, only to see this article!

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How does darling high fever convulsion do? Don't wait until the morning barefoot kneel hailed, only to see this article!

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Children often have a fever because of various reasons, the age of small, weak resistance, long teeth, teeth, cold virus and so on. Recently, a 5 year old boy in Qingdao, have a fever twitching, raving mad people do not recognize, dad. He barefoot kneeling on the roadside for help, but fortunately met good bus driver and generous guests, to the hospital, after the rescue was out of danger.

Baby fever, mom and dad are naturally worried worry. Coupled with the terrible symptoms, it is not easy to calm down. But the more critical the more calm, today we talk about how to do the baby fever?

No matter who takes the children, you have to do all these things, just in case!

Does the baby convulsion how should do?

Seizures are not only the symptoms of febrile seizures, but febrile seizures often occur. The whole process may not exceed 1 minutes, stiff, twitch, eyes on the turn.

This sudden performance might scare mom and dad. The seizures are rare and do not cause brain damage, neurological disease, paralysis, mental retardation, or death.

But need to report to the doctor in time. Do not force the child's limbs and trunk, easy to fracture. If the seizure is more than 5 minutes (the American Academy of Pediatrics Encyclopedia of Pediatrics, "version sixth, recommended more than 15 minutes), you should first call.

In the process of waiting, mom and dad need to take the following measures immediately:

1 put the child on the floor or bed, away from the hard and sharp objects.

2 the child's head to the side, ensure slobber and vomit can follow out the child speech.

3 do not put anything into the child's mouth (trying to prevent the child from biting his tongue), in fact, he will not bite his tongue.

How to give the baby a fever?

What is the standard of fever?

Fever is the human body and the virus bacteria fighting, the best survival temperature of a lot of bacteria is the body temperature 37 degrees, a fever helps to eliminate the bacteria, so the fever is not sick, but the fight against disease. We have to focus on the cause of fever disease, rather than blindly to fight the symptoms of fever. Once the bacteria are defeated, the temperature will naturally return.

Only for high fever medicine, can promote the body temporarily cooling, is a method of treatment table. Antipyretic to improve the baby's comfort. Viral infections are self limiting disease, fever generally more than 3-5 days.
Normal axillary temperature of 36 - 37.2 degrees, baby temperature fluctuations, infection and exercise and other factors can make the baby body temperature changes. We often say:

Fever: 37.3 ~38 OC

Moderate fever: 38.1 C ~39 C

High fever: 39.1 ~41

Super high fever: above 41

If the baby have a fever at 38.5 DEG C, generally only use physical cooling method, the general advice is more than 38.5 DEG C, parents can give the baby an antipyretic. (there are also some point of view, if the baby is a good mental state, can also wait until the 39 DEG C to take fever medicine)

If the baby has a fever within 3 months, please send the baby to the hospital for treatment.

Unless it is ultra high fever, usually have a fever is not dangerous in itself, will not cause harm to the child, it will not burn the head. The positive meaning of a fever: help to improve the child's immunity, help against infection.

When do you go to see a doctor?

1 less than 3 months baby fever

2 body temperature > 39;

3 heat associated with mental changes, such as drowsiness, lethargy and coma;

4 fever with vomiting, convulsions;

5 fever with rash;

6 heating time > 3 days;

7 had a history of febrile convulsions baby

8 fever with other suspicious symptoms.

Emphasize two points of common sense again:

1 baby illness is serious, not to see the body temperature, but to see the mental state;

2 baby fever don't panic on the horse ran to the hospital, the best use of antipyretics for your baby's first cooling treatment to the hospital.

How do parents care at home?

1 maintain the air in the home, cool and comfortable. Maintain room temperature between 25 - 27 C.

2 take off too much clothing: if the baby limbs and hands and feet warm and sweating, indicating the need to heat, wear less clothes. Do not go to cover the sweat! His sweat can let the baby temperature rise Cengceng rub faster! Do you want to try it?

If the baby limbs cold and hard chills, indicating a need for the baby warm, comfortable temperature can be hot bubble feet. General shivering in children, the baby's temperature usually will continue to rise.

3 warm water bath, warm bath: generally recommended physical cooling method. Effect varies. The water temperature is controlled at about 37 degrees.

4 prohibit the use of ice ice pillow: pillow is easy to cause local or cold induced hypothermia; prohibit the use of alcohol fever, which may lead to the absorption of alcohol caused by alcohol poisoning from the skin. The effect of antipyretic plaster, it can...... when parents use placebo.

5 drink plenty of water / milk: give your baby plenty of water / milk. During the period of increased metabolism, the demand for water is greater than usual. Water has the function of regulating the temperature, can make the body temperature drops and replenish the baby body dehydration. Milk inside (80~90% are water Oh.)

6: the use of antipyretics (before the medication must read the instructions carefully!) When the baby is more than 38.5 DEG C, can use appropriate medicine or suppository. In strict accordance with the instructions, check the dose, do not overdose. To drink plenty of water served antipyretic, anti fever medicine can make better effect. Severe vomiting children can use antipyretic suppositories.

7 timely hospital treatment: for 3 months the baby fever, must take the child to the hospital for examination, exclude urinary tract infection, septicemia, meningitis and other serious infections.

8 this is the most important! Observe the change of fever and other related performance. Such as cough, diarrhea, headache, seizures, sore throat, ear pain, body rash, recurrent vomiting, conjunctival congestion, pale, listlessness and other symptoms with no list, any of these symptoms is recommended for treatment.

How to use the baby fever?


1 infants and children should use special baby fever drugs, dosage of adults can reduce.

2 aspirin should not be used to treat a child's fever or discomfort. Give the baby fever the most serious cases can cause Reye's syndrome with aspirin.

A fever is a miraculous rumors. Silver boiled water to drink, drink water, alcohol, pearl powder brush, brush, warm towels white leggings...

Have you heard what more funny, insulted the intelligence fever rumors, tell me in the comments section.

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