A child who is divorced mother so treat grow up, people worried

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A child who is divorced mother so treat grow up, people worried

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Today's article is not the same as in the past, but after reading will give you a different kind of inspiration.

Here is a young mother's heart:

I, Sun Jian, 28 year old son, 8 months.

A month ago, my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and after surgery, in a number of phone calls, she showed despair and anxiety like a child. A look at the age of life and death? I show disdain. I was suddenly shocked by their own feelings, a daughter disdain for her mother. Yeah, maybe I'm just like a kid who says that's a handicap.

Just now, my 8 month old son because sleep and crying, I took him to go round and round, but every time down, he will be like a bell like a sharp cry. I suddenly have a hand pulling his mouth impulse, but at the moment I was shocked and surprised her this impulse, I have a heart of evil monster, is to look at fiercely as a tiger does my darling. And this evil monster, perhaps the mother with more than 20 years of painstaking efforts to raise large.

I learn from the parents, because of trifles quarrel, they quarrel every time I have to hide under the bed, because they will take it out on me, just looking for what reason, I will be able to play a week unable to sit down. But once I got quarreled mother pulled out from under the bed, I had countless straining implantation but countless times legs, ripped out, the process of fear, often appears in my dream, wake up every wet pillow. Before long, parents divorced.

I remember when I was young, I have a slide, accidentally hit a child, the child fell and chipped a tooth, terrified by my mother's hands tied knees to apologize, I probably think that such an apology is not enough, in front of the other parents smoked my mouth two.

Remember when I was young, there is a toilet playing a lot of toilet paper was the mother found, she angrily cursed me is the black sheep of the bitch, finally the naked I kick from the room to the door, I was ashamed but wail loudly, the greatest feeling is cool ass the duration of the winter, my fingers stiff, then remember a fever.

The primary school, I remember that he has been a good boy, but there is a time for homework, writing is too illegible by her mother found that she was pulling her hair up from the bench, then a "crackling crackling" pumping mouth, for pumping more than and 30, mouth swollen only a month to eat porridge. Then another time, relatives have friends to play, I forgot to write my homework, just remember to sleep, but very tired will climb into bed to write again, after the mother knew the fly. In the face of the relatives, I dragged out from the quilt, carrying his hand angrily shaking a few drops on the ground, that time, my right arm bone fracture, came out from the hospital, the mother was forced to do homework with the left hand.

It is the third grade, greedy, stole her 1 dollars to buy candy, candy because the pretty paper will stay down, the results discovered by her. She dragged me to the bench next day, pulling my hand on the bench, her left hand holding my wrist, his right hand raised his knife to chop off my hand, I struggled, but the effort is too small to break away. When her knife held up down, my heart is full of despair, although the knife did not fall in the hand, but fell on the bench, but I collapsed on the ground, a blank head, mother scolded flushed red, but I could not hear a word.

The year I graduated from primary school, I entered a good junior high school, my mother took me to travel as a reward. Set off with excitement, but soon it was full of frustration and frustration. Because I was in the car not long on the urgency, I begged Mother a bag to me, not only did not also stare, "Biesi you deserve it! Don't let you drink so much water to drink, I hold no pants, wet pants pulling you to death." The passengers looked at me, I bowed my head and tried to hold back my tears. Not long because of motion sickness, "hullabaloohullabaloo" a burst of vomiting, vomiting after found that they did not know what time wet. I dare not say, wet cover 4 minutes, get off or be found by her mother, I kick it with their feet from the car.

Travel back soon, grandma to reward me admitted to a good junior high school, with my hair, go home directly with the father mother be furious, angry in my razor shaved head. Junior high school, an all girls beauty of the age, and I was on a hot day wearing a mother to buy old-fashioned hat cover.

There is a high school year exam, dare not tell mother, secretly changed the marks, by her mother found a slap in the face to sweep the floor, hit his head on the corner of the table, the mother blood, she dropped to 10 dollars, let myself to the medical treatment of wounds, and she turned away from home to work, from that moment, I vertigo saw her residual mouth disdain. Yes, it's really a shame, a mother's attitude towards her daughter!

After the college entrance examination, I reported that the university is far away from home, to take 7, 8 hours of train. That autumn boarded the train at that moment, I feel reborn and finally away from the mother, I am happy to sing the song all the way up. Holiday, I will use a variety of excuses not to go home, even if the new year is not willing to return. College year I did not return to the new year, my mother came, I was very happy at the beginning, but it was not long before the atmosphere was destroyed. She bought a dish of raw seafood for me to eat, I heard the blood, I am not accustomed to eating, the first mouth will spit out, mother used to fly, a pair of chopsticks hit me in the face, I was 21 years old, the table with a lot of students of the same age.

Looking for a job that year, my mother said that I had a chance to see a unit in my hometown. I certainly will not go back, but chose to go to Xinjiang, a place far away from home. This time the mother angry, but she was on the phone the angry, the only difference is that anger with sad, she said she was old, no one around, she said it's raising her cat is Baiwenhang, the phone on the ramble for more than an hour. Then I put the clothes on the table at the mobile phone to let her enough, and I took the headset to listen to music.

After graduation, one new year I went back and family reunion dinner when suddenly a young man, mother said to me about the object, is an officer in a local department. I instinctively resist, deliberately rude to eat, the table to pull the nose, dig nails, shaking feet, spitting...... All the disgusting action I all do. When the other with disdain left, the mother picked up a stool hit me, until the stool broke, and she tired out of breath. I don't have a drop of tears, that is 25 years old, that moment feeling never relaxed, suddenly feel like everything I owe the mother, has been in the past 20 years of beating her in repayment completely, before this, I want to go home and the occasional impulse, but at that moment, looking at the mother almost unfamiliar faces, only a little of my heart to the home of a nostalgia also vanished.

Later, even if married, I also did not let the mother, mother heard so at home cry one night. This is me, a cold and a lack of empathy, but I've been trying to get rid of the shadow of my mother

When the child crying, I try to appease the child with a kindly look, with a warm embrace of his close to his heart;

Perhaps, one day, the slide when he bumps into someone, I will let him have the dignity to apologizing;

Perhaps, one day, when he went to the toilet to waste a lot of paper towels, I would kiss his little face, and he was advised to take good care of the next paper;

Perhaps one day, when he was writing is illegible, I will patiently accompany him to teach him to write calligraphy, enthusiasm;

Or, perhaps, one day, when he forgets to do his homework, I will forgive him for his carelessness and not to blame;

Maybe, one day, when he accidentally knocked over a bowl of soup, I will smile and give him a bowl of......

I want to do is get rid of the mother, I bring all the shadows and is not good, not let my children have everything I have, I want to let him in the little mind, the seeds of love shed, until the rooting and germination......

Young children say:

A small child being beaten, she can grow as a loving mother, it is because God of mercy, not let her go astray.There are too many children being beaten, not too early to give up their own, is to become heart disease all hatred.Because these children have suffered too much humiliation and indifference, their little minds already in childhood in the aisles are trampled on them only injured all over the body, support, is probably only a glimmer of hope for the future. And the light of hope, small distressed people, an inattentive will be put out, so those who had beaten the children grow up, they can become their child's father and mother, it is a miracle. I sincerely wish all the children said, childhood experience may hurt people, their future life will be like a God, love their family and children.

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