The 29 year old pregnant mother 15 months pregnant before childbirth, even doctors are unable to explain the inspection results

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The 29 year old pregnant mother 15 months pregnant before childbirth, even doctors are unable to explain the inspection results

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We all know the story of Na Zha, the legend of Na Zha in the mother's stomach for three years before the birth, in reality, there is also a mother with "Na Zha", although not pregnant for three years so exaggerated, but also a strange enough.

South Africa is a 29 year old pregnant mother, before the birth of two children, and two years later was pregnant with third child, but the fetus is in the mother's belly for 15 months are not born, until the doctor gave him a check, found that the fetus has the body with the 6 month old baby is not bad many.

But why he was reluctant to come out, the doctor can not explain. Finally, no way, the doctor can only give the pregnant mother to do surgery, the fetus took out, but fortunately the last mother and child.

Pregnant women with normal menstrual cycle, if more than 2 weeks after the birth date has not yet been produced, it has become an overdue pregnancy. Premature pregnancy prone to fetal distress, amniotic fluid volume reduction, difficult delivery and injury, and even cause fetal death. Therefore, if the fetus is more than 2 weeks before the birth date has not yet delivered, it should be caused by the attention of pregnant women.

1, strengthen the movement

Walking is the most appropriate way of exercise in the late pregnancy, can help the fetus down into the basin, relax pelvic ligaments, to prepare for childbirth.If after the birth date has not yet moved, pregnant mother will strengthen the movement, you can do more prenatal gymnastics, climbing stairs and other sports, but must be accompanied by someone around, in case there is an emergency".

2, drug birth

A series of tests and monitoring are needed before birth to assess fetal status and placental functionIf ultrasound measurements found that the fetus is too large, you can give birth to a little earlier, if the cervical maturity is good, good placental function, amniotic fluid volume is normal, then you can wait for some time.

3, B ultrasound examination

If the fetus has not yet been born after the birth period, it is necessary to go to the hospital in a timely manner B ultrasound examination, mainly the following3 key indices: placental maturity, amniotic fluid volume, fetal size, umbilical cord blood flow velocityIn order to judge the fetus and take measures.

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