2016 name report released! Your baby lying gun? (attached to the introduction)

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2016 name report released! Your baby lying gun? (attached to the introduction)

2017-01-12 00:51:06 194 ℃

Two children open unknowingly full year, Mommy has repeatedly talked about the situation in 2016 the birth of children across the country. Name, has become a happy and burn brain task".

Recently, the Tsinghua University jointly named the professional body released the first big name data report, the 2016 big data to see what Chinese parents love to give the baby name.

A look at what the baby now has a popular name, the name of your child carefully conceived there is no disagreement on the gun?

Baby popular name big ranking

The 2016 hottest baby names

Although escaped from the founding of the Wei red these are very sensitive to the times and the sense of the name, but it turns out that everyone's aesthetic is almost......

The following 2016, the top 30 baby names: explosion

The male version

^ nubao version

Mommy really heard a lot of called Zi Han, X Xuan, a small pot of friends, say one more word, the list seems to be a lot of names often appear in the name of the site.

The baby names most commonly used words

Next, we analyze the words in the name. Never thought of, and the highest utilization rate of Nanbao nubao, turned out to be the same word.

Well, it really is a funny word, female baby words than a delicate. Almost half the baby's name can be spelled in the list.

Whether the baby is male or female, a new generation of parents are generally more emphasis on happiness, sunshine.

The baby names lifting

A few years ago the "hot" Xinyi "Jiayi" has a downward trend, but several new rising name is still the original formula......

A name, had boarded a list of hot nubao ranked fourth; and now, more and more male use, is the parents who are affected by a Sydney?

"Water" into a popular name

In addition to the birthdates of constellation, with "water qualities" and is a new generation of young parents welcome.

Full of passion, curiosity and creativity, to see the bright side of things, the ability to create humor.

Cheerful and lovely name, full of vitality around.

The gender of fuzzy words

Until 2000, 2014 and nubao are still quite distinct from each other in the name, but in 2010 after the baby's words gradually blurred gender.

The boy's name is more elegant and the girl's name is more neutral.

Vitality, sunshine, outstanding, has the connotation, integrity, has become the parents of boys and girls, both sides of the common expectations.

The "cloud" continue to increase

With my father or mother? Have this argument referred to the nationally known year.

So there are more and more "a" baby, Baba Ma Ma surname and the surname + name, the name of the child is generally 4 words, full of personality is not easy to duplicate.

The survey showed that in 2015 about 0.62% of newborns, including the name of the father and mother's surname.

Introduction baby

Mommy had to take the name of the little guy is out of fashion, from pregnancy to think of good down, then, finally did not use.

This little guy is Tucao casual nickname, and after her birth, grandmother and father casually shout on the eyes in response to name.

The name Mommy is different from the outside to give you some flirtatious goods routine:

The careful comparison will find the recommended name, a kind of

1 look up dictionary

Choose some more content words, at least to avoid the report popular those, after the same rate will be high. To know how broad and profound Chinese characters (burn the brain to burn the brain).

2 is not too uncommon about

Too complex rare words or forget, after all, do not call out the name is real or staggered embarrassment (some input method is playing out).

According to the 3 birthday

According to the baby's birth, zodiac, five rows, constellation can be found for baby words or radicals, is also a good way to follow the traditional.

4 ancient books to find

Have the "male" Chu Ci "Book of Songs", "The Classic of the Great Wilderness" in fact there are many ancient books including poems can be discovered in the name of a temperament.

PS. and some people think that the ancient people like Mommy's name is good?

Please pay more attention to the micro signal "Mommy tribe" (matherbuluo), I heard that WeChat and parenting more with ~!