The doctor strongly recommended that after birth, 95 pregnant mother just to cesarean section, this is actually the reason

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The doctor strongly recommended that after birth, 95 pregnant mother just to cesarean section, this is actually the reason

2017-01-12 00:51:27 242 ℃

A few days ago to accompany a friend to go to the production inspection, the doctor told the hair is very healthy fetal body. When the doctor and determine the mode of production plush, plush Yiwufangu chose cesarean section.

But the doctor's physical quality, comprehensive analysis to the birth canal, and the fetal head, are very suitable for birth, the hair is haoshuidaiyue to cesarean section, does not agree with the birth. Later, I asked her why she was not willing to birth, she bowed her head and said, had easy vaginal relaxation, influence their later life.

This is the common aspiration of many mothers, although very want to birth, to give the baby a healthy body, but postpartum vaginal relaxation, pregnant mother said really vulnerable.

@ 66 King 666: my birth, when washing their ass feel out, obviously feel loose a lot, every time he asked her husband, also said a little, but I do not think a little, are damn loose, crying, cause now no feeling, alas, a psychological shadow.

@ Momo: when silently silently bestie is aching to split, the parents do not agree. Later birth side cut and later told me that married life is not much feeling, and now buy online what Wahaha products.

@ no rain and I knew regardless of birth or caesarean section will be loose, do you think is a child a moment of distraction? How can ah, including bone seam, a lot of people say that caesarean section is not afraid of the wind, I would like to say that you do? Bone seam with the fetus grew up slowly opened some of the time, you have to give birth to the child that more than a dozen hours to open the whole body to die?

Postpartum vaginal relaxation

Bag: I will not loose @ naughty, to a gynecologist's identity, just gave birth to 40 days will loose, but after 40 days back, do not take what the balloon to describe the uterus, although it is the image but not accurate, unless with a good midwife, or lack of protein, not the description of the elastic protein is not restored.

After birth the fetus after birth, the vagina after a certain tear may relax, but this relaxation is not permanent, postpartum can be improved by levator ani movement, also can be in the prenatal eat some foods rich in collagen, such as pig's trotters, tremella, shark's fin, red dates, enhanced the birth canal elasticity, postpartum more easily recovery.

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