9 points for attention in the newborn baby bath

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9 points for attention in the newborn baby bath

2016-07-21 14:31:22 412 ℃

Novice parents how to help freshmen to bathe the baby? Is a very not easy thing to help newly born baby shower, the preparatory work in advance is also a lot of, it is recommended a bath to help to have more than one person can help, to overcome the tension and unfamiliar feeling, the how to do it and see!

First, the baby bath preparation and Essentials

1, pay attention to the room temperature

Adjust the indoor temperature before bathing. The water temperature gauge or elbow to test the water. Take off rings, watches and other accessories, action must be gentle so as not to scratch the baby skin. According to the order from top to bottom, front to back.

2, check the status of the baby

Put the baby in the bath towel, take off the baby clothes, check the baby body condition, problems can be timely diagnosis and treatment as, if the baby body without exception, abdomen with a towel to cover, namely bath towel wrapped to keep the baby's body.

3, hold the correct posture

Hold the baby, hand hold the head and neck, with arms wrapped around the baby's body, mother armpit clip.

Two, children take a bath recommended points

4, massage gently

For the baby to Xihu action should be gentle, usually need to on the skin of protection and lubrication, avoid friction and external force cause skin damage, bathing and massage intensity to redness of the skin do not prevail.

5, take a bath to help

The first few times to give the baby a bath may be very nervous. So, it's better to have a personal presence. If you forget to take some of the items you need, someone will help you.

6, careful infection omphalitis

If the newborn with water, pay attention to the genitals and the arm outside do not use washing. Because the washing easy to flow to the navel, the contamination and the formation of omphalitis. When the umbilical cord falls off and the fetal fat disappears, the bath can be used.

Three, baby bath attention principle

7, first with a bath instead of

Should according to the newborn's life ability and whether the umbilical cord falls off. If the good ability of neonatal life, when the body temperature returned to 36 DEG C can bathe in the umbilical cord does not fall off before it is not appropriate to take a bath, be used to dry.

Encyclopedia: dry that after birth with a soft cloth dipped in warm water to scalp, ears, face, neck, armpits and other skinfold blood gently wipe.

8, avoid excessive bathing

The rate of sebaceous gland secretion decreased rapidly after birth. Newborn fetal fat do not have to wash, do not over remove the bath when the sebum. 0~3 year old baby usually take a bath a day, preterm infants can be washed once a day for 2 days.

Encyclopedia: temperatures more than 30 degrees Celsius and the baby is particularly easy to sweat, you can properly increase the number of bath, but it is best not more than two times, should choose to focus on moisturizing efficacy of skin care products.

9, the selection of special bath products

To prevent red ass in addition to reducing the number of cleaning, keep the bottom dry, baby cannot use adult basic and containing alcohol solvent bath products, neutral products should be used to avoid damage to the baby skin pH value and surface normal colony.