Empire into the water in the world, the most happy is the child

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Empire into the water in the world, the most happy is the child

2016-07-21 14:31:33 418 ℃

Heavy rain in Beijing.

The empire into a little water in the world.

Nature is the most fun playground, more than all the early education center.

Morning, Dad excited with It is raining cats and dogs. tree, the tree says:

"Go, we go to the water!"

Trees dad with a camera, take a small shovel on the tree, the father and son set out excitedly.

This weather is also going out, in addition to trees, that is, the courier brother.

Small trees to see a surging drainage pipe, shouted: "the waterfall"!

No one knows, this word is where to learn, and no one knows, did not see the waterfall of the doll, is how to stimulate the inspiration of this.

There is another inspiration for the young tree, that is,

The result is that it really does not move, take off the air!

Waking up, put some dry clothes out of my mother.

The tree looked at a flat balloon on the ground for a long time.

Later, the balloon was broken.

The little tree to see her mother, pointing to the ground, to her mother tell the story of the balloon.

The rain is big, go home together!

We do not know, a small tree, standing in the rain, the brain in the end what is thinking.

We can do it,

Is to allow him to touch the world in his own way,

The moon Men's feelings are changeable. world.

And then, get the experience of his own,

Live his life in his own way.

We can do it,

Is far behind him,

Help him record the scenes.

When he needed it, accompanied by his side, holding his hand,

Go home together.

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