Sichuan Langzhong man eat meals overlord triggered brawl "big brother" was hacked to death on the spot

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Sichuan Langzhong man eat meals overlord triggered brawl "big brother" was hacked to death on the spot

2017-01-11 00:01:51 289 ℃

Original title: Sichuan Langzhong men eat meals overlord triggered brawl "big brother" was hacked to death on the spot

Late on the night of January 9th, a rumor from Sichuan Langzhong man group knife fighting video circulated on the internet. In January 10th, the Langzhong police upstream News - Chongqing morning news reporter (the bid hotline: confirmed that the evening of 9 groups of knife fighting occurred in Langzhong, killing 1 people, 4 hours after the incident the police arrested the 4 suspects. As for the online spread of this site brawl video, police found the incident is not Langzhong.

Scene, a man died. (photograph in Langzhong network)

Upstream News - Chongqing morning news reporter found, January 9th at 8 pm, Langzhong local network began to have friends broke the news about 7:40 that night, the murder occurred in Langzhong city under a bridge pier at war. There is a 21 year old man cuts the throat, died on the spot.

Users also uploaded more than one referred to as the scene pictures, a man wearing a red shirt lying on the edge of the pier on the road, the chest and neck knife in the field, and emergency personnel in the rescue and public security police car crime scene photos on the side.

Subsequently, a period of more than a man in the street with a knife to chase the video began to spread in the local, is said to be the scene of the crime video.

Scene of the incident.

In this regard, the night of January 9th 23:54, Langzhong public security official said micro-blog responded, involving 4 suspects have been arrested.

In January 10th, Langzhong Police News - Chongqing morning news reporter upstream published detailed case: according to reports, the deceased named song Bopeng, 21 years old, Langzhong North gate. 4 main suspects for Liao Moumou, Yang; case process turned out to be a teenager because eating barbecue didn't pay, caused two people dead about a fight, as one of the "big brother" strong head, the result was hacked to death on the spot.

Incident since the evening of January 7th, a teenager named Liang Yu and friends in Wenchang to eat barbecue, who did not bring money, the boss was not allowed to go, the two sides dispute.

When a group of people are named Zhang Moumou nearby Internet cafe, I heard someone eat meals overlord, then it will not pay the "draw a sword and render help" Liang Yu a lesson.

After Liang Yu found the so-called big brother, such as Song Bopeng, looking for someone to revenge Zhang, Zhang will play a meal.

Identify the scene.

Zhang Moumou find Liao Moumou (perpetrators), please "brother" for his revenge, the two sides again during about planes, and even the use of knives, machetes and other weapons.

9 days later, the suspect Liao Moumou a total of 9 people (including two girls) and the Song Bopeng 5 people last about aircraft in combat readiness wharf. The conflict, Liao Moumou knife toward Song Bopeng a thorn, Song Bopeng was seriously caused seven or eight stab wounds, which is fatal to the chest of a knife, cut the heart and great arteries, Song Bopeng died on the spot. Liao Moumou fled quickly, another injured Humou face knife, is currently being treated in people's hospital.

Police for the case. (Langzhong police)

After receiving the alarm, Langzhong special police brigade, Interpol brigade, traffic police brigade, police station, 120, rushed to the scene. At 9 on the evening of about 10:30 will quickly arrested several suspects.

It is understood that the principal Liao Moumou is a single parent family, living together with the mother, this year under the age of 18, he participated in the fights, motorcycle theft and other illegal activities from the age of 11.

Langzhong police at the same time to the upper reaches of the news - Chongqing morning news reporter (National News Hotline: confirmed that the spread of the video on the Internet is not the place to cut the Langzhong. The upstream news reporter found this video should be a street brawl occurred earlier in Hubei Daye group video.