The woman is pregnant in September suddenly fainted fetus "take wings to itself"

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The woman is pregnant in September suddenly fainted fetus "take wings to itself"

2017-01-11 06:01:22 159 ℃

8 afternoon, the provincial hospital emergency department received a phone call: a nine month pregnant middle-aged woman suddenly fainted, in critical condition, the urgent need to rush on-site treatment. However, the emergency department of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors had a busy afternoon,It turned out that the woman was not pregnant at all.Even more surprising is that the family has insisted that the woman is expected this month, they are ready to go back to the production of some days. What is it?

Strange: the doctor did not hear any fetal heart

Pregnant women, Mr. Wu said he was 47 years old, his wife surnamed Xiao, this year, the age of 44. His wife was in the car when the car suddenly fainted, because his wife was pregnant in the body, he was scared, immediately called the 120 emergency call.

The provincial hospital emergency department doctor said, they are in the afternoon about 2:40 to Hong Kong Hetang road a car wash. Pregnant about 1.5 meters tall, weighing about 140 pounds, body fat. See "pregnant" has collapsed, and consciousness is not clear, everybody dare not neglect. After the treatment, the 120 emergency vehicles into the hospital all the way to the whistle.

Consider an elderly pregnant, and lost consciousness, emergency physicians in the ambulance immediately contact the obstetrics and gynecology doctors for consultation, while the woman admitted to the ICU ward, and the pre operation preparation, ready to save the woman and the fetus through the operation of the life.

On the same day at 3 pm, the provincial hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology director Tang Zhengyu immediately from home to the hospital for consultation.

Tang Zhengyu said, taking into account the woman has been pregnant, we all have to check some of its projects, such as fear of CT photos will have an impact on the fetus, had to take nuclear magnetic resonance.

"We even suspect the woman dead fetus." Tang Zhengyu said that emergency physicians in the early examination, did not hear any fetal heart, obstetrics and gynecology doctors on-site consultation did not hear the fetal heart, but Mr. Wu has insisted that the wife has been pregnant for nine months, this month will go home production.

Confirm: no fetal abdomen

In the ICU ward, a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology again pushed a ultrasound machine over, check the woman fetus situation again.

To the doctors' surprise,We repeated examination has not found belly of a fetus, not to mention the fetus of nine months.

Tang Zhengyu said, we then had to change the treatment plan, the woman sent to other departments. At present, women's body recovered well.

The families ignorant: it looked at her belly is getting bigger

The doctor heard are not pregnant after diagnosis, Mr. Wu also ignorant.

This reporter has learned that Mr. Wu and Ms. Xiao has three children, pregnant by reason will be very clear, why Mr. Wu insisted that his wife was pregnant for nine months?

Mr. Wu said he and his wife did not read any book. In March last year, his wife did not come to menstruation, two people think it is pregnant, so that it is just a matter of nine months, will soon be produced. During this period, the wife's stomach is indeed growing.

Doctor: suspected pregnancy, the first time to do pregnancy check

Said Tang Zhengyu, a doctor since, although she met many patients, but similar "wonderful things" is the first time I met.

She warned that the majority of women to more than and 40 years old, do not come to menstruation. Need to be reminded that, if not to menstruation, first of all should go to the hospital to check or consult a doctor to find out the causes of menopause. At the same time, if the suspect is pregnant, is certainly the first time to do a pregnancy test, because it is related to the health and safety of the unborn baby, did not sloppy.

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