Complete the Beijing South Railway Station waiting seats to 5100 shops to vacate Beijing time

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Complete the Beijing South Railway Station waiting seats to 5100 shops to vacate Beijing time

2017-01-11 06:05:50 184 ℃

Yesterday, the passengers in the Beijing South Railway Station waiting hall waiting for the ticket on the train. Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin photo

Beijing News (reporter Guo Chao) Beijing South Railway Station Spring Festival passenger peak will appear in January 24th to 26, is expected to average 153 thousand passengers, before the Spring Festival, the south station waiting hall to complete the middle position of shops to vacate, waiting area seats up to 5100. It should be noted that the north side of the station to adjust to the north side of the transfer floor escalator.

The Spring Festival second weeks of various traffic overlay

The spring of 2017 since the beginning of January 13th to the end of February 21st, for a period of 40 days. In the meantime, the Beijing South Railway Station is expected to send 4 million 80 thousand passengers, sent an average of 102 thousand people, an increase of 260 thousand people, an increase of 6.8%. Among them, January 13th to 27 days before the holiday, is expected to send visitors to 1 million 830 thousand people, sent an average of 122 thousand people, an increase of 9.8%. Expected from January 28th to February 21st after 25 days, is expected to send 2 million 250 thousand passengers, 90 thousand people daily, an increase of 4.5%.

From the characteristics of passenger flow, passenger flow before the Beijing South Railway Station Spring Festival is highly concentrated, relatively dispersed situation. The first week of the Spring Festival, the major colleges and universities have holidays, students focus on the return of students, ushered in the peak travel. The spring of second weeks, workers returning passenger and passenger visit intertwined overlay, long distance passenger growth at the same time, the formation of the peak passenger flow during the Spring Festival, peak day is expected from January 24th to January 26th, the daily average of 153 thousand passengers.

From the composition of the passenger flow, the main student flow, visiting relatives, migrant workers return home based. From the passenger flow, pipe flow mainly concentrated in Tianjin, Cangzhou, Dezhou and other regions, through passenger flow mainly concentrated in Ji'nan, Qingdao, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Hefei, Shanghai, Hongqiao, Anqing, Harbin, Shenyang etc..

On the north side to stop screening underground transfer layer

In the spring of this year taimukaiqi, the waiting space station optimization and passenger flow. The first passengers feel is the station waiting area is spacious.

"Now we are all in the waiting hall axis, from north to south is a completely open space." South Station deputy party secretary Liang Zhaoyu introduced before the Spring Festival has been waiting hall axis area all vacated, release the waiting space, the waiting hall is smooth and comfortable. "In the past, there are some commercial shops, this time we do vacate adjustment."

Liang Zhaoyu said, to vacate the space increases the passengers waiting seats, as of now, the release of the waiting space more than 1200 square meters, waiting in the waiting area seats to 5100, provides a more comfortable waiting for visitors to experience.

In addition, the south station north of the security zone also made adjustments, before the security layer two in the waiting area, when a large amount of passengers, many passengers often gather for inspection. Prior to doing temporary restriction measures, can not let the passengers are concentrated in this area, there are security risks." Liang Zhaoyu said. The station will be located on the north side of the waiting hall 4 security instruments all moved to the north of the transfer layer on the north side of the escalator, and increased to 5 security devices to facilitate the rapid entry of passengers security. Also during the Spring Festival to remind the South Station bus passengers, please adjust north of the security zone, and according to the instructions of the staff of the station stop guide.

- Tips

Open 7 fast stop channel

Beijing South Railway Station to open the underground 7 fast stop channel, the station started all the time to start the full coverage of the underground transfer layer passengers the fastest time to shorten to 10 minutes.

The reporter saw in the south of the basement, after the subway station will have a corresponding rapid entrance, corresponding to the 10 and 11 wicket. Staff introduction, learn to use a quick stop can significantly reduce the pit stop time.

It should be noted that the rapid transit port is only available to the distance within 30 minutes of departure passengers, passengers can choose according to their own circumstances. Look at the signs can be found in the public area of south station pit mouth rapid rise, reporters yesterday very good search experience.

Set up exclusive waiting room

The love the upgrading of the service facilities, the reporter saw in the waiting area on the north side yesterday, a new mother waiting room has been used in some people.

According to reports, this is the Spring Festival this year to increase the station humanized service facilities, additional maternal and child waiting room washstand, baby bed, to provide a more comfortable private space for the new post lactation mother. Beside the waiting room mother also added a medical service station, the reporter saw here, some drugs commonly used to treat headache and slight fever can be found.

At the same time, during the Spring Festival, WeChat will officially Beijing South Railway Station public number operation, the public will have the information query, train ticket query, wheelchair reservation, lost and found, information release module.