Last year, Zhejiang received 13 million 70 thousand days since the alarm does not alarm her husband and wife do not cook - Beijing time

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Last year, Zhejiang received 13 million 70 thousand days since the alarm does not alarm her husband and wife do not cook - Beijing time

2017-01-11 06:08:05 169 ℃

In January 10, Hangzhou youth online (Chen Yi China youth - Youth Online reporter Dong Bishui) today is the thirty-first of the "110 day", the reporter learned from the Zhejiang provincial public security, public security organs in Zhejiang in 2016 110 police service center received a total of more than 2570 types of alarm, dispatched police force of more than 1900 people, criminal suspects and arrested 5 thousand, rescue the wounded nearly 40 thousand, rescue 47 people more than 10000.

Among these, the crime alarm class more than 150, more than 380 traffic accident alarm, fire accident alarm more than 4, more than 200 people to help the police, more than 110 have alarm disputes.

However, the 110 alarm, the alarm is not high, especially the harassment alarm high. Zhejiang Province in 2016 110 invalid warning 13 million 70 thousand, nearly half of the total alarm. There are many reasons to alarm the police police dumbfounding.

Wang, who lives in the mouth of the mouth of the Jianggan District gate area and her husband Zhou for emotional disputes repeatedly alarm. In November 11th last year, Kim said the occurrence of domestic violence alarm again, police quickly out of the police arrived at the scene to understand, call 110 just because her husband is not willing to give her cooking, let the police to deal with. The error behavior of police on the spot for Kim wasted 110 of police resources were solemnly warning and education.

Similarly, in December 24th last year, Xiaoshan Bureau Command Center received a woman police, said in Xiaoshan District North Street area in the room has a nebula of drug, the police to the scene after inspection found no drugs, and the police woman holding a dog to leave quickly, let the police puzzled. After investigation, the original alarm Bo Moumou (female, 29 years old, Anhui Taihe County) due to the occurrence of emotional conflicts with her boyfriend and call 110 lies alarm situation. Divination was also sentenced to three days of administrative detention punishment.

The evening of December 23, 2016, Cixi command center repeatedly received a man with dirty language to 110 police officers to harass, disturb the normal work of public security 110. The duty commander answered police report, quickly alarm number for landing and command area police station after disposal, Zonghan Street suspects arrested illegal status of a (male, 38 years old, Jiangxi Yichun people). The investigation, since September 30, 2016 due to the status of a lonely and empty, seeking stimulation has called 110 malicious harassment of more than 120 times. Case of a disturbance of the order of the unit, was detained by the Cixi police department 10 days and fined $200 penalty.

There are things that lost home that was robbed of the blame. In December 27, 2016, Yuyao command center received Fang Moumou police said was injured with a beer bottle after snatched a gold necklace. After investigation, the police found a suspected lie alarm. In the face of a large number of facts in front of the party and the party admitted that due to the necklace lost, afraid of the home to blame, carefully prepared robbery police facts. 4 pm the same day, the house carrying three empty beer bottles, driving to Zijin Mountain aqueduct roadside, he is holding a beer bottle hit the head, after driving to a green belt at the two empty beer bottles on the roadside forgery scene, after driving away said alarm was robbed. Currently, the same Moumou Moumou alarm has been detained by the public security organs Administrative Detention and fined.

There are also broadcast live 110 ideas. In December 5th 7 pm, in Mudanjiang police cooperation, the task force in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang province Muling City eight Tong Zhen Shen Moumou suspects Huimin district. The investigation, November 30th, broadcast platform crystal anchor Shen Moumou (male, 25 years old, Heilongjiang province) in Mudanjiang city of Heilongjiang Province, their home, drink in the national network broadcast platform APP crystal room 111180, to win the ratings, to host identity, to the Wenzhou 110 police station for malicious harassment, real-time to Internet users live, as long as 5 minutes, resulting in 110 resources are occupied, and adverse effects on the community. At present, the claim has been detention law.

Zhejiang Public Security Bureau deputy director Li Weiting said, especially some invalid alarm telephone harassment takes up valuable resources such as traffic police alarm, alarm, also really at risk of the victims can not get timely relief, directly endanger the people's life and property safety.

It is reported that the Zhejiang Provincial Public Security Bureau on December 2016, in the province within the Department to carry out a period of 3 months, tree authority, Chang channel special rectification action 110. As of January 5, 2017, the province's public security organs have been investigated malicious alarm, 212 cases of disturbing the police, criminal detention of 2 people, administrative detention of more than 40 people, more than 340 other penalties.

Zhejiang provincial public security department again, according to the Ministry of public security police work "110 rules", the public security organ shall accept the alarm range include emergency alarm, emergency two categories. Including criminal and security cases (things); endanger personal and property safety or public order incidents; natural disasters, security accidents; traffic accident; other public security organs and illegal disposal of crime related alarm. And drowning, falls, etc. Dutch act to the public security organs to emergency rescue personnel; the elderly, children and the mentally disabled, mental illness patients lost to the public security organs to help find within a certain range; public danger, need immediate assistance to public facilities; the dangerous threat to public safety, personal safety or property. Public security authorities need to advance emergency disposal.

The matter does not belong to the jurisdiction of the public security organ, please the masses according to scope of functional departments, the correct choice of the hotline channels, direct government consultation call 12345 complaints hotline related public service number for help. To report false police or call harassing phone calls and other acts, the public security organs will be given a warning, fines, detention and other administrative penalties, the circumstances are particularly serious criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. Malicious accusations and complaints, start the rights mechanism, and resolutely investigate the responsibility of the relevant personnel to safeguard the public security organs and the police law enforcement authority.