Foreign military officers: the Chinese army has not weakened the ability to fight for decades - Beijing time

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Foreign military officers: the Chinese army has not weakened the ability to fight for decades - Beijing time

2017-01-11 10:33:44 171 ℃

Nanjing Army Command Academy from the 50s of the last century, has 112 countries on five continents trained thousands of officers at all levels.

A batch of students were born, what did they learn and what did they see?

New year's Eve, the reporter approached them, in a wide range of various channels of access to the acquisition of exclusive information, so they look at us -

For foreign students in class on the way. Newspaper photos are Ni Yizhe photo

The Communist Party and the army China hardships China, into a major site of the Communist Party of China, I understand that only the interests of the people above his head the party and the army to get the support of the people.


Major Clay Iman

The Chinese Army embraces the world with an open and equal attitude, and your strong will not be a threat to Asian security.


Major Han Linang

The rapid development of China's economy, is a vibrant ancient country, where I and my family feel the friendship and dignity.


Lieutenant Colonel Anderson

Every detail of Chinese culture has a unique charm, let me intoxicated.

Saudi Arabia

Lieutenant Colonel Arash Van

PLA military theory, weapons and equipment and training levels are developing rapidly, will become the backbone of safeguarding world peace.


The color of Mori

The grandson of "stop war" to China military thoughts has always pursued the defense policy

The army is preparing for the China in order to "stop the war"

Nanjing Army Command College is located in the city of Beijiao, a place called citigroup.

Covers an area of more than 3 thousand acres of large courtyard, ordered a building, and the large and small. One can recognize the training of foreign students -- where the international military exchange center, there is flying riotous with colour flags of more than and 100 countries.

The center also has a look, friendship is building respectively with real grass, Li, Zhuan inlaid with 236 word "and" side of the wall. Center Director Song Yuxiang told reporters that the new students will stop here for a long time. They may wonder: a "war" military academy, how do "and" up so high!

The entrance of the first class -- "Chinese defense policy", many students also heard a "overtones". Major Bahader, a few students to pay attention to a few minutes, just 45 minutes of the lecture referred to the peace of the 32".

Many students of the China "Sun Tzu" very worship, that "art is the world's most people understand the war". "The lecture" random time classes, lectures, games. "" know not warlike boldness lies in the suspension of hostilities "" peace "military essence" imprinted on their minds.

They may not know, Chinese war Chinese ancestor worship. In the realization of the essence of the continuation of the blood, the inheritance of the genes of peace, the concept of peace, to achieve win-win cooperation.

Students through listening and reading, especially with the attendant training, visit our army close, I watch the military exercises and other teaching activities, straighten the hearts of many questions: some western media reports are not real, China is a peace loving country, China soldiers keep a sober mind "war".

Questionnaire survey: 95% of foreign students on China's defense policy of national identity, and 80% of the students think that the Chinese army is not a strong threat.

The soldiers are full of peace and ideal, and the soldiers are responsible for the war.

This is more than a number of foreign students to speak on behalf of the occasion, the reporter excerpts from the following text: Although the Chinese army did not fight for decades, but they have never weakened the ability to fight and professional. Because they know that peace is not an empty talk, rely on sufficient military strength to do support, and then to stop the war, to curb war, to achieve peace. So, Chinese leaders have repeatedly urged his soldiers, fighting and winning. Chinese army is a character of the army, not to stir up trouble, not afraid of things. No matter how strong opponents, dare to hand against the war to win, and win the battle The weak overcame the strong. too much.

Grace from confidence, struggle and not grudge

Accelerate the transformation of the Chinese army more confident

This is an exercise for college students'. They use the command training system of our army developed the computer drills, combat training system software, all without reservation.

"I can't imagine the opening of the Chinese army is so high," said Daya, a major student from China and Africa, with many training experiences. Samako is the second major students to come here to study, he saw more clearly: when I watched the Chinese students exercise, they also use this system, China does not engage in internal and external."

The case is not the two major foreign experience.

Last November, Chinese army ushered in the 72 country 159 expatriate officers, they went into the East China Sea fleet, the ship under the cabin; in the air force flight division, can directly observe the boarding; in Linfen brigade, army aviation brigade, the army's most advanced army main equipment is fully open. They also watched the whole army "striker" "win" and other major exercises.

Foreign Service Officer sincerely lamented: an army to embrace the world powers, the style and the character is not the same.

Lieutenant Colonel Henry students from publicly available information retrieval: in recent years, China army and allied forces to carry out cooperation and exchanges at various levels and in various fields, successively with troops from more than and 50 countries held more than and 100 sessions of joint training and joint exercises. He said: "the Chinese army is becoming more and more transparent, the problem is not covered, transparency is a kind of self-confidence."

Students in the eyes of foreign forces, Chinese confidence is also reflected in the ordinary soldiers who, in the face filled style, the unique qualities of sporadic, capable of acting style, a soldier is a name card. Uzbekistan Janice bekov said: "the major Chinese soldiers very much agree with his army, with very high occupation accomplishment, disciplined, and consistent."

Many students noticed, confident China army, more prominent in international affairs especially sensitive matters as, with legal facts speak, debate, wits, be neither humble nor pushy, but struggle without a grudge.

In the survey, more than 9 students, with the rapid development of Chinese and more confident, China troops from concerned with their related issues, to the attention of the international problems, attention to security issues, the global commons focus on global problems caused by the economic development of the.

A distinctive "trait" is the name of an army

The thought of "war" restore justice division "spirit password"

As the political commissar of the international military exchange center, Huang Youfu often foreign students asked: "you are a big officer in the army political commissar? What? You can combine the post open lectures?"

Huang commissar told reporters, taking into account the past many reasons, foreign training does not allow political work involved in our army, but in recent years, more and more foreign students expressed a strong interest. This change, in addition to improve our military and propaganda image, especially through the joint military drill, peacekeeping operations, international rescue on the international stage, good performance, let the world see a out of the ordinary army.

Embarked on the international arena, into the rapid development of the Chinese army, indeed attracted a lot of attention in the eyes of the world. Whether they are friendly, neutral, or critical, they are sensitive to the fact that the Chinese army has a distinctly different character from many other armies". And this "trait" than we see those iron guy more content, more weight. According to foreign media disclosure, a number of foreign experts and institutions, trying to interpret the differences between the Chinese military and the success of the path of the legendary army.

In the survey have asked students: why was Chinese forces society to give so many titles -- Justice Division, division of peace, mighty and civilized, bloody division? Why not believe any religion in the team very strong cohesion and so pure faith?

The request, Huang Youfu lecture on the military political work as scheduled to begin. Have volunteered to participate in lectures, foreign students almost here.

Reporter inconvenience to explore the effect of foreign students to listen to lectures, only know that Huang Youfu prepared very seriously, very emotional. Because he knows that this is my party's military blood and life in exchange for the precious wealth, not sloppy, not to lose the Chinese soldiers.

After the host headed by college political department communication center, has carried out a number of activities, and core military values, then the officers discussed foreign military officers were fighting spirit of speech. A foreign student's speech is quite intriguing: I not only learn professional skills and military fields here, also appreciate another seems to see, but also see the "secret weapon" - the idea of position, it can make the army has always maintained a high state of mind, an invincible force burst at any time the heroic, solidarity, invincible.

The new blue sky test wing new warships to plow waves

"Package" to promote the overall rapid and efficient

The 2016 Zhuhai airshow, destined to go down in history.

Not to say there are more lively, the degree of attention to light here in more than and 70 countries of foreign students. It deserves a pen. The central leadership said: "if not tight course and other arrangements, they all went to see the show."

Live on that day, the students early around in front of the big screen: China independently developed a new generation of stealth fighter f -20, f -10B played out, China has developed the world's largest AG600 amphibious aircraft and other equipment, is the debut; -500, -6K, and the police went straight -10K...... They have repeatedly exclaimed.

Here the new heaven try wing, new warships plow waves over the sea.

Chad Likom students obsessed with his ship captain, Chinese Navy new ships new arrivals to shake off the reporter again: "the new missile destroyers, missile frigates, new offshore supply ships......" Finally, he did not forget the passing sentence, "under the dumplings as you Chinese ''."

In recent years, the Sino foreign joint speech, but also left a deep impression on them. South Asia a student more frankly: "Sino foreign joint exercise training field as China show new equipment" T type ", small to camouflage and tactical vests, large tanks, artillery and other heavy equipment!"

China's south and surrounding areas of some of the students noticed: the development of Chinese forces, is not only the development of equipment, is the "overall package", which includes many aspects of combat military thinking, theory, system, construction of logistics equipment. In fact, the most fundamental is the change of ideas and concepts, especially the current Chinese forces to vigorously promote military reform.

In the implementation of more international obligations to highlight the Chinese brand"

The moral casting of the teachers of great powers"

In an interview, the number of school students in Mali cosdear first recommended to reporters two news:

"In December 8, 2016, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced the appointment of Chinese major general Wang Xiaojun as commander of the United Nations mission to the Western Sahara (MINURSO)."

"On the morning of December 17, 2016, China naval escort fleet twenty-fifth from Guangdong to Zhanjiang a military port in the Gulf of Aden escort sail unmoor, replacing the twenty-fourth batch of China naval fleet."

How many Chinese cosdear school even with gestures said: "China great army."

Indeed, look around the world, regional security, anti-terrorism riot, natural disasters, the world is not peaceful. Oriental country rising hesitate to assume more international responsibility and morality.

From Mali students Kent Colonel said emotionally: "in 2014, after Ebola outbreak in West Africa, China has 4 times to provide assistance to the affected countries amounted to 750 million yuan, and sent experts and medical staff of more than 1 thousand people, my country, Mali have been rescued. I came here only to know that the assistance was done by the Chinese army."

Nepal students major bits appear more exciting, Nepal in April 25, 2015, magnitude 8.1 earthquake occurred, causing heavy casualties, Chinese troops rushed to rush to the rescue. Later, he saw from the official data, since this is the new Chinese China armed forces established the scale of one of the biggest outbound rescue operations, consisting of 8 rescue teams, 1088 soldiers participating, 8 aircraft, 3 helicopters and 190 sets of mechanical equipment. At the same time, the Chinese military has also provided 10 million yuan worth of relief supplies to Nepal, as well as the value of 59 million yuan of the two sets of field hospital equipment.

"China is a responsible big country, the Chinese army is a trustworthy friend." This is the consensus of the majority of foreign students in the questionnaire survey.

In one class, the instructor quoted a census of international organizations: "to the end of 2015, Chinese army participated in 29 peacekeeping operations, has sent peacekeepers to more than 3 people, the 5 permanent members of the United Nations peacekeeping personnel is the most populous country." When talking about this, all foreign students all stood up and applauded Chinese: OK! OK OK China Chinese Army soldiers!

Military Diplomacy: game domain era exam

- army newspaper reporter Hu Chunhua correspondent Zhang Fang

I am in the acceptance and training of foreign students, only a corner of the military diplomacy.

With China's international status has become increasingly prominent, the Chinese army is in transition, more than any time in the history of the shoulders of a more diverse mission and responsibility. To the international arena in March at the same time, Chinese forces a time to refresh the contact with the outside world, the observer and the observed interaction, receiving more attention of the world.

The world needs to adapt to us, we need to adapt to the world.

No matter what the world thinks, the Chinese army is exploring and trying to express itself and get along with it in a very strong adaptive capacity to learn and grow rapidly in the increasingly diverse diplomatic practices. No matter whether foreign or international rescue evacuation, international peacekeeping or Sino foreign joint exercise, the army has always been to cast moral Chinese peace and justice way to complete a power division "".

In the future, the Chinese army will be more frequent to the world, military diplomacy will be in good use of this power to live, to find more balance, support, better serve the national strategic situation. The Chinese army in the fulfillment of the responsibility of the great powers and the national strength, in the development of military power and national security and development interests between the needs of many aspects, such as the wider field, larger space, higher level.

We are in an era of peace, development, cooperation and win-win trend of the times more powerful, while the world is still very quiet, local unrest and war one after another. In this era is glorious, in order to ensure the Chinese development period of strategic opportunities, China forces play a more mission and responsibility; in this era and full of challenges, Chinese to become a staunch force safeguarding world peace, also put forward higher requirements for military capability. In any case, the Chinese armed forces dare to play, face the challenge, the ultimate achievement will be filled with the honor of the Chinese military peace laureate".

Salute to military diplomacy! Cheers for contemporary soldiers!

- army newspaper reporter correspondent Jiang Mengyao Feng Hu Chunhua