Man stole the phone does not face the police choked: I do not return you can? - Beijing time

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Man stole the phone does not face the police choked: I do not return you can? - Beijing time

2017-01-11 10:36:10 179 ℃

Supermarket to steal the phone, the police contacted him, but also insisted not to return, 7 evening, Wu, aged 56, and ultimately because of theft by the police department of administrative detention for ten days.

It happened in 7, 3 in the afternoon, at the time, Ms. Zhang in Quanzhou District of Licheng Street bridge a supermarket shopping, originally wanted to pay by WeChat checkout, and later found WeChat wallet balance is insufficient, will put the mobile phone in the cashier, find a friend to borrow money to pay. Don't want to, then the queue behind Ms. Zhang Wu, but pretend to be purchased on the register on Ms. Zhang's mobile phone, then the mobile phone mooches. Despite the fact that after the discovery of shouting, but Wu did not pretend to take, the normal checkout leave.

Ms. Zhang then alarm, pontoon police station involved in the investigation. By monitoring, and soon found the identity of Ms. Zhang took away the phone. Police through the phone number provided by Ms. Zhang in the past, when Wu also answered the phone. Police began to persuade Wu to return the phone, Wu also choked the police, I just took, is not, how can you!"

The police had to contact the Wu family persuasion, finally, more than 5 points in the afternoon, Wu took the initiative to the pontoon police mobile phone. But, to the police station, Wu a suddenly changed, has said is picking up, ready to take the initiative to return, the police hope to forgive him, but let him unable to deny the monitor screen. When the police statement must be handled according to law, Wu also shortness of breath with the head on the wall, eventually the police persuasion, to calm down.

Currently, due to theft, Wu has been detained by the police department ten days.