Shameless! Jiangxi, a woman will be a driver to cheat at home rape, but the focus is...

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Shameless! Jiangxi, a woman will be a driver to cheat at home rape, but the focus is...

2017-01-11 10:58:25 165 ℃

Nanchang 16 year old driver, night encounter a mental abnormality woman, played bad idea will rape lie in the home. However, due to the reaction of the man's penis, failed to have sexual relations with the woman.

Court verdict shows that in July 21, 2016 23 PM, taxi driver Moumou passing Nanchang city mouth jar overpass, encountered mental abnormality woman min moumou.

After Moumou initiation to min certain sexual relations or evil, will lie in the home.

Because min Moumou and Moumou revolt, the penis does not respond, ultimately failed with Lee Min certain sexual relations.

The next day at 2:10 PM, Lee riding mount min Moumou send victims to leave the residence.

Soon, Lee was arrested police.

Nanchang city mental hospital to prove the diagnosis, min Moumou suffering from schizophrenia, mental disability is three.


Such as Li Moumou case

How to be convicted?

Qingyunpu District of Nanchang city court that Lee Min that woman Moumou Department of psychiatric patients, are against her will, forced sexual relations,Its behavior has constituted the crime of rape, the public prosecutor's accusation.

Moumou because of the reasons other than the will to succeed,Attempted crimeAfter the arrest, and truthfully confessed his crimes, has confessed the plot, can be given a lighter punishment according to law.

The court then submitted Lee guilty of rape, sentenced to imprisonment for three years.

Criminal attempted criminal responsibility?

Crime has criminal preparation, attempted crime, criminal suspension and other forms.

Discontinuation of a crimeRefers to the process of committing a crime, voluntarily give up the crime or automatically and effectively prevent the occurrence of the crime results, is the suspension of crime. If the suspension of a crime has not caused any damage, it shall be exempted from punishment.

Against women will, rapists too hateful!

Make less and less crime!

Leaders say!

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