10 mainland people claiming to support the Republic of China was repatriated illegal Taiwan - Beijing time

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10 mainland people claiming to support the Republic of China was repatriated illegal Taiwan - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:12:19 142 ℃

Waiting for the repatriation of Mainland Immigrants

Global network reporter Xu Yichao reported [] according to Taiwan's United Daily News reported on January 11th, the Taiwan authorities "Immigration Department" and the mainland today (11 days) with the Red Cross in the Taiwan Strait, 2017 annual performance in Hong Kong Fu Ma Zunan pole according to the "Kinmen cross-strait agreement" the first time the stowaway repatriation operation, the Taiwan authorities transfer of 10 mainland residents to the mainland, and then return to Taiwan 1 residents.

Reported that the 10 mainland Taiwan authorities repatriated, including Shi Jian, Su Qianlong, Lu Ning et al., Lu Ning et al, is "dissidents", and claimed to be "Chinese pan blue alliance" members, they claim, in the identity of the "Republic of China", the current system of political propaganda authorities in Taiwan, and in September 2015 buy a yacht, in Fujian, and traditional Chinese painting named "fog", plans to flee abroad.

Several stowaways driving yacht in Taiwan off the coast of Taoyuan, Taiwan overstay, collusion in the "dissidents" Wang Rui and his girlfriend Yang Luo charming, originally a pedestrian to Guam seeking U.S. government political asylum, but not good at sailing yacht, finally ran aground big park in Taoyuan City Shenzhen head Nansha Kunming shore, and was Taiwan the coast guard seized.

A court in accordance with the violation of Taiwan "immigration law" judgment Ning Lu et al into prison, after serving today by the Immigration Department of the person to pay by mainland escorted back to land; in addition, a Taiwan man Gan Qing Branch, October 2016 by the Xiamen boat smuggling attempt to return to the Golden Gate, by the mainland the police seized from the mainland to Taiwan today, together with the party.

Taiwan authorities "Immigration Department said the repatriation operation is through" Masson - Mazu "route by mainland hire special ships" angee wheel suspension and the Red Cross flag by Taiwan to hire civilian maritime guide in the Ma Zufu line from Hong kong. Both sides follow the humanitarian and security principles, from both sides of the Red Cross Society handover book witness signature, each sent personnel to complete the job, this is for the first time in 2017 the implementation of the "Kinmen cooperation agreement" case.

The "Kinmen agreement" is on both sides in order to avoid the recurrence of casualties tragedy, and effectively solve the problem of the repatriation of private ferry staff, China, Red Cross to the Taiwan Red Cross organization suggested that the two sides signed the repatriation operation agreement, will regulate the emigration repatriation program, the repatriation operation on both sides of the Red Cross organization under the witness of. The agreement was formally signed in September 12, 1990, is also the first written agreement signed by the two sides of the Taiwan Strait authorized civil society since 1949.

In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, in the "Golden Gate" humane, safe and convenient "principle, the Red Cross and the Taiwan Red Cross organization keep in touch, the implementation of cross-strait emigration personnel and criminal suspects or criminal sea two-way repatriation operation.