Obama's visit to China for the 3 time, according to which the image of you remember - Beijing time

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Obama's visit to China for the 3 time, according to which the image of you remember - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:12:28 148 ℃

The inauguration of President elect Trump will be held on January 20, 2017, and the first African American president, Obama, has ended his two term, leaving the white house. Looking back on Obama's two term in the Sino US relations, Obama had described, China took a ride for 30 years, and there has been no problem. Can we be a bit like China? No one expects them to do anything."

It turned out that one likes to make a lot of money, like a world police, two different roles played in the past eight years of their respective paths. Now the incoming Trump, Sino US relations are still whirling, and Obama's three Chinese tour will also recall.  

In 2009 the first visit

Visit the the Imperial Palace the Great Wall product banquet

On the evening of November 15, 2009, President Obama arrived in Shanghai by air force one and began a 4 day state visit to china.

In November 15, 2009, the U.S. consulate staff to celebrate the arrival of Obama.

In November 16, 2009, Obama accompanied by the leadership of Shanghai lunch. November 17th, Beijing, China Welcomes President Obama to visit china. The banquet menu Chinese and Western, dinner included a cold dish, a soup, three hot dishes: chicken soup, green juice Tofu pudding Chinese steak, fried wild asparagus, roast Red Star garrupa. A dessert and a fruit ice cream. During the meeting, China has also played the late black singer Michael Jackson singing "music President Obama specifically selected the world".

November 16, 2009, U.S. President Obama in Shanghai science and Technology Museum and China Youth dialogue.

In November 16, 2009, President Obama aboard Air Force One Flew to Beijing.

November 17, 2009, China's state visit to the United States President Obama and his party visited the the Imperial Palace in Beijing.

On the afternoon of November 18, 2009, President Obama arrived in Beijing, Badaling, to visit the Great Wall. This is the the Imperial Palace, Obama experienced the ancient civilization of China and another landmark attractions. In accordance with the practice, foreign leaders visited the Great Wall, will receive the "city" certificate. It is reported that President Obama is no exception, will receive the same city board certificate.

It is understood that this was delayed more than the original plan. In order to receive Obama, the Badaling Great Wall closed garden today, one day, not outside the ticket reception tourists, from 19 to resume normal.  

Second visit to China

Ten year visa TPP tree

November 10, 2014, Beijing, U.S. President Obama arrived at the Capital International Airport, ready to attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.

November 10, 2014, Beijing, the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations held at the U.S. Embassy in china.

The APEC summit, China advocated the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, and the United States, TPP agreement, a direct confrontation. Which side of the victory, which can grasp the dominant, and the integration of the whole East Asia, and even the entire Asia Pacific region. From the APEC summit through the Beijing road map results, in this round of rules of the dispute, China is clearly the upper hand.

November 10th to attend the APEC leaders summit in 2014, and delivered a speech. He said that during the visit, the United States and China agreed to make a new visa arrangements, so that students, tourists benefit. Under the new arrangement, the maximum period of student visa will be extended to 5 years, the United States will be extended to a commercial tourist visa for 10 years.

In November 10, 2014, Beijing APEC summit leaders "family portrait" photo shoot. APEC leaders of the day wore clothing is a series of Chinese show a new image of Chinese clothing, which is called "new".

November 11, 2014, Beijing, Obama outside the Convention Center to participate in tree planting ceremony. The meeting, the commitment of the United States 26% emissions reduction by 2025, before the United States has refused to make specific indicators of commitment; China promised to stop increasing carbon dioxide emissions by 2030, equal to the promised emission peak, mean Chinese industrialization and urbanization growth ceiling was determined. The commitment of the world's two largest emitters of carbon, which has been discussed in the last five years of the five global climate talks.

On November 12, 2014, Beijing, Chinese President Xi Jinping held a ceremony at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing to welcome President Obama's visit to china.  

The last visit to China

Putin glared at the tea

On September 3, 2016, Obama, President of the group of twenty (G20) summit in Hangzhou, arrived in Hangzhou.

September 3, 2016, Hangzhou, China and the United States President Obama in the pavilion tea meeting.

September 5, 2016, Hangzhou, Russian President Putin and U.S. President Obama held talks during the G20 summit. In the picture, two people full of energy, full of disdain for each other and provocation, across the screen can feel the thick smell of gunpowder. Users are very curious about what happened between the two. Recently, Russian media finally gives the answer. The report quoted as saying the White House deputy assistant for national security affairs Ben Rhodes, Obama "warning" Putin, the US authorities will make every effort to ensure that the election can be fair and transparent, not outside interference.

8 years ago, Obama took over the United States in the midst of an economic crisis, and, after about 8 years, he left behind a deep rift in the United states. In his farewell speech, Obama has ruled for 8 years, and put forward the advice for the future challenges. But trump will appreciate? Look at the micro-blog know.

Text / Beijing time studio Zhao Tongzhou


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