Three departments jointly issued a document: outstanding graduates of foreign universities can be employed in China - Beijing time

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Three departments jointly issued a document: outstanding graduates of foreign universities can be employed in China - Beijing time

2017-01-12 00:13:50 162 ℃

Beijing News News (reporter Wu Wei) reporter from the Ministry was informed that in January 11th, the Ministry and the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of Education jointly issued a notice, allowed in China Employment outstanding foreign college graduates, qualified foreign students and overseas university foreign graduates can apply for the employment of foreigners permission certificate and certificate of employment.

Three departments notice clear, allowing the employment in China of outstanding foreign college graduates include: Master degree and graduate within a year of foreign students in Colleges and universities in China in overseas well-known colleges and universities, and obtained a master degree and graduate within one year of foreign graduates.

At the same time, foreign university graduates employment in China must meet 6 conditions: 18 years of age, physical health; no criminal record; outstanding achievement, the average score of not less than 80 points (percentile points, other percentile conversion processing) or B+/B (hierarchy), during the period of school without bad behavior record; obtain the corresponding diploma and degree; a clearly defined employer, engaged in jobs and major. The compensation principle of not less than the average wage of workers in urban units of local, specific criteria determined by the Provincial Department of human resources and social security and employment market actual need to introduce talents work according to; a valid passport or other international travel documents can replace a passport.

Human resources and social security departments or foreign experts centralized management departments for examination and approval in accordance with the regulations, to meet the conditions of the foreign students paid employment license for foreigners and foreign employment license; to meet the conditions of the overseas universities grant foreign graduates employment license for foreigners, obtain employment license for foreigners overseas foreign university graduates should apply for Z visa at regulations, after the entry for employment permit for foreigners.

Valid for the first time in 1 years. Employment of foreign university graduates employment expires, the employer intends to continue to employ, in accordance with the provisions of the examination and approval procedures can continue to employ, the term is not more than 5 years. If the individual income tax paid by a foreign university graduate is lower than the amount of tax payable on the intention to pay, or if the employer intends to give him a salary lower than the prescribed standard, the employment permit shall not be postponed.