[] beat, hit the head tied worried girl was inverted, mother's lover abuse coma for more than a year, the injury affects everyone's heart...

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[] beat, hit the head tied worried girl was inverted, mother's lover abuse coma for more than a year, the injury affects everyone's heart...

2017-01-12 00:23:07 148 ℃

Xiao Xin Yi's father Zhang Shaofeng and his wife Liu Jiaoli married in 2013, the same year gave birth to her daughter Xin Yi.

Zhang Shaofeng working outside year round, because of the marital relationship discord, 2015, Zhang Shaofeng and his wife divorce agreement.

In August of that year, Liu Jiaoli and his neighbor, Zhao Yuefei cohabitation. According to Liu Jiaoli, Zhao Yuefei tyrannical, not only repeatedly beaten abuse has been more than one year old Xin Yi, also with the palm of the hand, the thigh cigarette burns in children, children with a knife cut fingers, arms and legs.

In late September 17, 2015 10, Xiao Xin Yi crying, Zhao Yuefei has used towel tied Xin Yi small hands and feet, put the child upside down hard to hit the ground, then put the child upside down about half an hour......

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This time, Xiao Xin Yi is no longer crying. The second day in the morning at 7 am, Liu Jiaoli found how to call the child did not respond, the hospital diagnosis, the child brain hemorrhage, severe brain injury, causing severe coma. In addition, the child body scratch, bruise, cigarette burns.

Xiao Xin Yi's misfortune, affects the hearts of many people, a more than and 300 person loving mother group gradually formed, the members are ordinary people, from Henan, Shanghai, Beijing and more, they take little Xin Yi as their own children to love, with the help of female doctor Zhang Shaofeng.

Today, more than three year old Xin Yi in the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, children's Hospital Affiliated Hospital surgery,If you pull this off, has been in a coma for more than a year of small Xin Yi is expected to wake up.

The children entered the operation room before my father kissed the forehead

By late morning reporter (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) eryansuo came to the hospital ward, see Xiao Xin Yi lying in bed, still did not wake up, father Zhang Shaofeng is constantly giving children massage legs. Zhang Shaofeng said that the child due to more than a year, hands and feet muscles so hard to do a lot of massage.

Reporters noted that the child's head is still uneven, could see clearly by the traces. The sleeping little Xin Yi, kept a faint "huh" sound, sometimes active hands "stretch".

10 am, the operation room doctor pushed the operating car to pick up a small Xin Yi to do surgery. Father Zhang Shaofeng wanted a peace symbol tied in the hands of a child, but because the operation environment needs to be sterile, doctors refused his request. "Don't worry, we'll try our best." The doctor finally comforted Zhang Shaofeng.

Subsequently, the doctor and his father will be pushed into the children's room 8 floor operation room. In a small courtyard into the operation room before the moment,Zhang Shaofeng kissed the child on the forehead and said softly, "baby, peace."

At noon at 12:21, waiting for more than three hours later, Xiao Xin Yi was finally launched in operation room. At the same time, the doctor said surgery was very successful, but also to do the afternoon CT continue to observe Yi Xiao xin.

France late reporter saw to Professor Zhang Bingke Xiao Xin Yi surgeon first out of the operating room, with a smile on her face. He saw Xiao Xin Yi's father, said two times continuously"The operation was very successful"And comfort him, "don't worry, the child will come out later".

The operation bed has just been launched Xiao Xin Yi operation room, it was immediately surrounded by her father, volunteers and media.

Although Xiao Xin Yi is still in a coma, but to hear the voice of his father, a "well" response.

Then, Xiao Xin Yi was sent back to the ward, the recovery of doctors were observed after operation.

Accompanied by Dr. Zhang told France late reporter, the operation time is not long, less than an hour, but the early anesthesia and late recovery time longer, especially when the child woke up from anesthesia, especially important. The doctor explained that if the operation is successful, the basic human reflection children will appear, such as your eyelashes, touch arch will respond and so on, which shows that the operation was successful.

In addition, Zhang also said that although the current small Xin Yi has a basic reflection, but want to really wake up, but also need to look at their recovery.

France late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned that around three this afternoon, the hospital arranged a CT examination of the child, to observe the postoperative situation.

Previously, Professor Zhang Bingke surgeon said in an interview, the children wake up is possible, but it needs to be adjusted to the child head part of the flow tube position, to solve the problem of water, high intracranial pressure of her brain.

Zhang Bingke also found a Yi Xiao Xin industry experts well-known wake-up treatment. Zhang Bingke said that due to severe brain atrophy in children, coupled with coma time is too long, wake up is only the first step.

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