The crowd girl was raped, you come?

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The crowd girl was raped, you come?

2017-01-12 00:24:27 130 ℃

The world in the end how cold, look at this matter will know. A man to rape the female colleagues during peaceful times, your colleagues to the elevator at the corner touching, helpless woman could not escape from the small effort.

Across the screen can feel the helplessness and despair of the girls. Then the door suddenly opened the door, a delivery workers saw this scene, the girls can be thought to be rescued, but unfortunately, the workers did nothing, cold shut the door.

Violations continue, woman struggling to resist, the noise brought House colleagues, colleagues after it did not even stop the man, just to watch, the man sees things to stop infringement, fortunately, the man beast did not succeed in the end.

After reading a few pictures that don't know what you feel, I very angry, the brain is the man beast sperm, must get the punishment. But what does that mean? Really when he is eating melon crowd? See none of my business? Or a man?

Fortunately, there are good bad, the world is always giving us a variety of contrast, to thaw the cold heart of the world. Recently, some users share some of their anonymity to prevent sexual assault story. Each one is very emotional.

A bartender witty replaced a drugged girl wine, the girl from the fire, a man drugged the boomerang.

The witness called the police and did a good job

I don't see the girl under the watchful eyes of the people under the harassment have beat the crap out of you

Brave friends on the way home to save a girl was raped, she was hit to fracture. The girl's experience reminded him of his friend who was killed because he was raped.

In the face of brutal and inhuman injury, the total people stand up.

As a passerby all want to say thank you to them, this brave action will change the fate of a girl, if the girl was drugged, her life would be very dull, if the girl was raped on the way, she is more likely to save people who like friends to die.

A helping hand or a warm heart can often make a difference in the lives of others. You may not believe that someone has saved the life of a homeless man with a cup of coffee. It sounds weird, but it's true.

The door in the United States a donut shop, a student saw a homeless man on the roadside to count the money, he guessed the tramp may want to go buy some food, but haven't got enough money on me. So the student decided to buy a cup of coffee for the tramp and sit with him for a while.

They drank coffee after chatting to the tramp, a pen and a piece of paper in the wrinkled paper wrote a sentence. This sentence is shared on the Facebook, has received 620 thousand Zan, 20 thousand comments, was shared nearly 200 thousand times.

This piece of paper to write such a few words: I wanted to Dutch act today, but because of you, I decided to give up, thank you, beautiful people.

He talked a lot of vagabonds and died of cancer, the mother and father never met people, vicious of the tramp, in fact he is a sincere person, once the blow made him unable to get up after a fall but only a cup of warm, completely changed his coffee.

A young man who came out of his hometown 10 years ago told his story. The first journey, from Anhui to Xiamen, then found the body all the time lost, penniless, unaccompanied, feel helpless and fear sad people.

The second day when he was sitting in a daze in order on the train station, a kindly uncle up to ask him, and took him to dinner near the restaurant, even a bowl of Rice porridge, come down in the world is also very precious. Uncle took him to make a phone call, contact relatives also accompany him to chat to comfort him.

Later the young man with his own labor had a good life, he said that if no uncle was help, maybe he has gone astray, by the influence of his uncle, will help others when we can.

Many years ago, there were a lot of boys asking for autographs at the gate of the stadium. They wanted the signature of the national team midfielder Paul. Because of the time, Paul signed only a few.

On the pitch when Paul twist feet, he suddenly remembered that the child is full of enthusiasm, and see if they are still not in team doctor, their book, help them take over signed jersey. I think they should be great. The doctor came back with only one football, said only a boy.

Ten years after Paul retired as a coach, he was surprised to find a small, but extremely superb athletes ugly in appearance, Paul brought him to the door, he said in a game in a famous battle. But Paul heard that he had a career is not smooth, but also want to give up, and why insist on it?

He said that he was one of the worst football team, but did not think that got his autograph and say he's great, whenever he wants to give up when they saw Paul's signature and recalled the words of encouragement to his words. It is the signature and the sentence that changed the boy's life.

A few days ago, the Hongkong Chizha awards, the daughter of Lydia Sum Joyce Cheng with the song "goddess" took the prize, song writer Hongkong famous lyricist Wyman Wong said this song is written in order to repay the kindness of Lydia Sum 20 years ago.

When he was a rookie, participated in the program when shrinking to the corner, but is already a large coffee Lydia Sum specially came over and he asked to detour, Wyman Wong's dress is where to buy, and he talked. Then he thought how she would wear the dress, she just to see Wyman Wong sitting there nobody ignores, came to talk to him not to make him so embarrassed.

The moment he felt the kindness is also now, Wyman Wong became a famous producer. He said that this can give her the best, can not give her, to her family, to the world.

This world always has the warmth and love of life and growth in nature accidentaly across. Help others in distress, he might not have gone astray, perhaps he will regain life. Give him help when others are most down and helpless, perhaps his life will be different.

When I was a child, I always remember now. Once have a fever, my father took me to the infusion, because love, ran a needle, next to an aunt saw my wrist a bump, and told me to run the needle, I do not know what run needle, tell me dad said that aunt said to run the needle, my dad not to regard it as right. In his eyes about his son as strong as an ox.

After the bag more drum, next to the aunt see we have no reaction, while directed my dad said children really run the needle, and ran to call the nurse, and it was running after the needle, nurse after treatment, my dad turned to the aunt said twice. Thank you.

On the way home, have a fever was uncomfortable, and think that aunt just move on, I begin to look at what Chouyan up, my dad asked me what I cry, I said that aunt.

Later my dad said:The world is still a good man..

The road of life is long, may have a look in the eyes of others, a bowl of wonton, so we could find the way home.

Frustrated people, even if the world has not been gentle to you, but you have to believe that, on the bumpy road, there will be a good surprise waiting for you.

I would like to thank those who have pulled us in our difficulties, thank you for helping me. Really thank you.

When the girl being raped, you are watching, or doing that to save her?

Do you have any warm people and things in your life to share with you to warm up?