The morning found no car tire female owner tears alarm

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The morning found no car tire female owner tears alarm

2017-01-12 00:26:35 137 ℃

Police for map

Benz four tires are discharged, only the brake disc alone parked on the roadside. The day before yesterday, in the vicinity of the International Convention and Exhibition Center in the city, this scene attracted many onlookers funny scenes. This is exactly:

Tire all gone,

Mercedes owners dumbfounded;

Because of the sensibilities of nuts,

The theft gang arrested.

January 9th at 2 pm, Ms. Chen found parked in the work units in the vicinity of the Mercedes Benz car four tires actually take wings to itself. Ms. Chen told the teacher Bo, the car is only last month, she raised 31, the car price of $350 thousand, the total price of about 30 thousand tires of $four, but now it is gone, really want to cry without tears.

Lucheng Public Security Bureau police station police investigation found that the dawn, when the incident, a man with a tool to tire after the demolition, then moved away in a black car on hover. After the scene and video tracking, police found the car involved in the incident near the Harvard black car, and the car owner is Hubei man liu. Subsequently, the police found the location of the village of Longwan Yao River Street near the dragon water industrial zone.

Yesterday afternoon, the police found a four factory workers in the dormitory dormitory. After the trial, Liu admitted the day before yesterday at 2 pm, the black car to fellow Harvard meimou, Ms. Chen to help him smuggle tires and tire handling together to factory dormitory.

According to the teacher after the accident, Liu and Mei are truck drivers, Mei has a Volvo car. The meimou together with Liu theft tire, because of his Volvo car tire is too old, need to change, to move wainian. Liu told the teacher Bo, he helped Mei is due to fellow face, and now really good regret.

Currently, Liu suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention, the police are pursuing meimou Co.

Xia Zhongxin Wu Yifan

Editor: little wild boar