User: you are the worst liar I have ever seen!

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User: you are the worst liar I have ever seen!

2017-01-12 00:26:53 159 ℃

The end of the year,

Also to the liar when the results!

Down down down

So we have dug out and crooks wits experience,

Today we are going to watch a collection of wisdom

"Routine and counter - routine"

The first one: leveraging the power of

The beauty, I respect you is a hero!

On practical experience, this liar defeat!

Mom, I'm your baby!

You liar! Tremble before the power of knowledge!

Second strokes: taking him by surprise.

You don't really go back to practice in Hong Kong, improvise again?

The third measure:

The man is reduced, strangers when we meet

Landing for brothers, why the flesh and blood.

The fourth recruit: This is a copy writing


As long as the brain hole, mad liar is a word thing.

Inexplicable some love liar, ha ha ha ha

Well, show it to the end.

Well this "routine and anti routine collection",

Let's go together!


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