12 year old woman is abducted 26 years later was found when the grandmother has

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12 year old woman is abducted 26 years later was found when the grandmother has

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Original title: 12 year old woman was abducted 26 years later was found when the grandmother has

Mother and daughter after a lapse of 26 years finally meet, cried together.Zhao Lingqiao (front left) has now been a grandmother, took out the phone to chat with the children.

26 years ago, the world famous Yiwu International Trade City in the region, or a wasteland, several villages scattered scattered there.

That year, a local 12 year old girl called Zhao Lingqiao, and his mother said, go to the railway station over there, to find out if there is no manual work, and never go home.

26 years later, in Jinhua, Yiwu police and baby home volunteers with the help of the body in the mountains of Fujian, Nanan,, Zhao Lingqiao finally found his biological parents, returned to Yiwu. Loved ones finally meet, mother and daughter hugged more than 300 seconds, tears. "Oh, you're back. I'm still alive. Your dad's alive."......" The mother said.

My daughter went out and said to her mother, I go out to make money for you"

The evening of December 14, 1990, the villagers Zhao Xihua Futian Township in Yiwu City Cang Li Cun dry day farm back home, his wife Zhao Yunxian early put fruit stand, Shaohuo is ready for a family of four.

The couple have a son and a daughter, daughter Zhao Lingqiao was born on September 30, 1978, pretty, nicknamed "the sparrow".

She just graduated from primary school, because learning achievement in general, do not want to continue studying, the relatives of the factory to factory in Yiwu, the old train station on the edge.

I sell fruit often sold to more than and 10 in the evening, my daughter will be in the vicinity of the railway station every day, take me home." Zhao Yunxian said. That night, she went out again to sell fruit, but did not see her daughter back at the intersection waiting for her.

She began to think the weather is cold, the daughter in the train station, the results go in and find a circle, did not see the people.

The second day, the couple went to the nearby market to find, but also to mobilize relatives, looking around the factory, or no daughter figure.

A kind-hearted man said that night, in the vicinity of the railway station saw Zhao Ling qiao. It was probably more than 12 o'clock in the morning, the little girl one hungry, he looked at the poor to buy her a bowl of noodles.

In the past, the daughter also went out to play two days back. But this time, the couple did not wait for a week, the daughter of news, feeling the accident, the police.

Zhao Yunxian remembered that night before her daughter went out, took three red sweaters, patted her shoulder and said: "Mom, it's so cold outside, you do not go out to sell fruit, I go out to make money for you."

Husband and wife to find her daughter for 20 years, do not miss a clue

Over the past 20 years, the couple never give up looking for her daughter.

A few years ago, the traffic is underdeveloped, the couple run around the legs. "I took more than and 600 photos, and the driver of the train said," give me the picture. I'll take you somewhere else. " He knows our abducted child is very poor." Zhao Yunxian said.

They do not miss any clues, listen to people say, the child may follow the field to go, so as long as there is a team, the couple will run dozens of miles to catch up with the past.

In 1997, Hunan heard Huaihua mountain has a similar to the age of the child, the couple immediately took out all the savings by train along the road through numerous caves, rushed for three days and nights.

Since losing his daughter, Zhao Xihua careless farming, his wife lost fruit business.

During this period, Yiwu has undergone tremendous changes, they are located in Futian Township, built an international trade city. Cang Li Cun were also the old village of Zhao Xihua, wife and son are assigned to the market across the land, built a house, rent a yiershiwan billion per year.

"A free down, will think of her daughter, in the end where? How are you doing?" Zhao Yunxian said.

Three years ago, saw some tracing on TV, Zhao Xihua couple to hope again, to the tracing program and tracing website for help.

My daughter often talk about names of their parents, many times to write home

On the other side, Zhao Lingqiao is looking for his own mother.

Originally, that night, she in a train station around, met a strange woman. The woman smiled and said to her, you can take her to work in Fujian, where wages are high.

Want to earn more money for the family, young Zhao Lingqiao promised. Later, she was taken to Fujian, and later sold to parents, but also the name "Zheng Yuee", she realized cheated, but buganshengzhang.

Zhao Ling Miss biological parents. These years, she often talked about the name of the parents, afraid to forget never get it back.

At the age of 19, introduced, she met her husband, gave birth to a child and a woman. The couple working in the county shoe factory.

After getting married, Zhao Ling Qiao from memory written home, but has yet to reply. She did not know, in their abducted two years later, Futian township has not existed, even the whole village.

In December last year in her "baby home" forum, to find his parents - "my home in Yiwu Futian village, my grandma, my father and mother, uncle and brother home, father Zhao Xihua, mother called Zhao Yunxian, brother named Zhao Maocheng. 26 years have passed, I miss my father, my mother and my brother every day......"

She touched her daughter's face and said:

Don't leave mom again

Zhao Lingqiao's help post, quickly attracted the attention of the site volunteers.

Last December, the volunteers found Zhao Lingqiao in search of home posts with another people search for the name, address, location and other details lost strikingly similar, immediately contact the police in Yiwu and Jinhua.

Jinhua City Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment crackdown office immediately in conjunction with the Yiwu City Criminal Investigation Brigade investigation.

Side of the police with the couple Zhao Xihua, verification of the household registration information and geographic information during 1990, while volunteers through the forum with Zhao Ling Qiao contact, and in the first time to get her blood samples.

January 3, 2017, after the Jinhua Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal law DNA laboratory comparison, to determine the Fujian Zheng Yuee is the husband and wife of 26 years to find the daughter of Zhao Ling Qiao qiao.

On the afternoon of January 10th, the Yiwu Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade, the home of 26 years Zhao Lingqiao finally met his parents, and her mother together. Zhao Ling skillfully stroked her forehead hair, wipe the tears and said, "Mom, you haven't changed a bit."

"26 years, really like a dream, as well as to meet the day." Zhao Xihua and his wife holding the hands of police investigators, excited.

26 years old girl, now has become a grandmother.

Zhao Yunxian touched her daughter's face and said, "you've come home, and you'll never leave your mother again. Now, Yiwu conditions are good, you bring your family to live in Yiwu!" Newspaper correspondent Ye Chaolei Ye Weiqiang newspaper reporter text / photo of the newspaper reporter,