Carrefour overdue products difficult to return staff: love to go where to sue

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Carrefour overdue products difficult to return staff: love to go where to sue

2017-03-17 06:46:57 256 ℃

Recently, Ms. Cao, Tianjin consumer complaints to the network, said she was shopping in Tianjin Carrefour dragon shop, buy expired products, return by making things difficult, angry and helpless.

Ms. Cao reported, she in December 2, 2016, in the city of Tianjin City store Carrefour shopping, bought cheese waffle ball (biscuit), spent 53.70 yuan, after closing the cashier in the small ticket stamped the seal of the content is to check the food inspection date, she immediately buy their own food to date, found in November 30, 2016 expired, on the spot for return and compensation.

But let the cashier responsible for the sales staff to solve, the relevant staff said it can compensate for some food. However, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the need to provide identity cards and leave a copy.

Ms. Cao did not agree to provide identity cards, she think that buying things don't pay the identity card, why should refund identity card? A Carrefour staff attitude stiffly said "take your love to go where food." Later, a supervisor can claim compensation 200 yuan, but you want to pay $500 to provide identity cards and leave a copy. Fruitless negotiations, Ms. Cao proposed to allow Carrefour to buy expired food to prove that Carrefour refused to produce any text certificate. During the stalemate, Ms. Cao said to contact the media, Carrefour, a staff member said you contact.

That night, Ms. Cao and his mother was shelved aside Carrefour, the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved. In a closed environment for more than 4 hours, close to midnight at 12, and her mother heart discomfort, she asked for help, and finally came to the neighbors sent home to the 110.

After the event, Ms. Cao also found that in addition to the expiration of the goods, the purchase of Carrefour imported food, there are a series of problems in the Chinese label violation of food safety law. In December 21, 2016, she reported to the Tianjin market and the quality supervision and Administration Commission, asked the supermarket to provide inspection and Quarantine of imported food certification, but so far have not seen the inspection and Quarantine of imported food certification.

Ms. Cao attempts to contact the dealer Chinese label, obtain the certificate of inspection and quarantine, but Chinese label no distributor address and telephone number, but Baidu search, finally linked to the dealer in the group's Economic Cooperation Co., told no agency relationship with Carrefour, Carrefour's proprietary products.

Ms. Cao believes that Carrefour cheese waffle ball (cookies) in violation of food safety law as follows: one is the original two-dimensional code through a variety of food packaging producers are authoritative query, display and Chinese label France, the product show country of origin for Holland, which belongs to the consumer fraud. Two is the Chinese label of imported food is not in accordance with the provisions of the food safety act 67, and the provisions of the provisions of the pre packaged food labeling rules 4.1.1 indicate the address of the producer or dealer and contact information. Three is the Chinese label to label foods in violation of Food Safety Law Article 34 (ten) and pre packaged food labels general (Chinese marked on the label production date in December 2015 01, the expiration date to November 30, 2016, the original packaging marked 11-2016, according to the general rules for the labelling of prepackaged foods the provisions of the expiration date to November 1, 2016)

After the incident, Ms. Cao repeatedly complained to the market regulators. For her complaints, Carrefour arrogance, do not participate in mediation, let her go to court.

February 28th, Tianjin, Nankai District market regulators responded that her report is still under investigation.

Today, things have been more than 3 months, has not been resolved.

This time, Ms. Cao will return a truer, the sale of expired food in the end there is no one in charge? This should not be punished?

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