Xiao Xin Yi abused mother kneel in court yesterday's hearing the case identify "he really hit me baby!"

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Xiao Xin Yi abused mother kneel in court yesterday's hearing the case identify "he really hit me baby!"

2017-03-19 06:03:53 173 ℃

Yesterday, the Henan star news reports Luoyang 3 year old girl Xiao Xin Yi, Liu Jiaoli is mother and lover Zhao Yuefei cruel ravaged to intracranial hemorrhage, coma for more than a year of news, national attention. 16, 2009, the Luoyang intermediate people's Court on the case of small Xin Yi trial. Xiao Xin Yi "volunteer Mom" propaganda group responsible person told reporters happy star yesterday, the court did not open to the public, "Xin Yi father said to me from the court after he saw the mother of Liu Jiaoli, suddenly angry harder and harder, could not help but put his mobile phone at her......"

At the same time, Lulu told Star News reporters, after Liu Jiaoli and Zhao Yuefei for abuse a Yi Xin, have been in denial about symplectic Yi encounter, always emotional indifference, denials. But yesterday, maybe the past so long, her conscience condemned, in court, she had been crying, then even kneel down, to identify the judge: "he (lover Zhao Yuefei) really hit me baby!"" On the court, everyone on the experience of Xin Yi, feel distressed, judges and lawyers, can not help but shed tears.

Happy that the mother has admitted his crime, the case is very clear, "but their atrocities have caused harm to the child, and irreversible." Lulu said, "the doctor told us that Xin Yi currently there is no danger, but wake up hope is not particularly large, we can expect a miracle."

Lulu said, "Mom volunteers" were also thought to Xin Yi to go abroad for treatment, but Essien is currently Yi diffuse brain injury, even the most advanced technology, let Xin wake up little hope yi.

In terms of the cost of treatment, the cost of a lot of Xin Yi daily, before the situation is not conducive to Xin Yi, into the ICU, 20 days of spending are 50 thousand." This year, Xiao Xin Yi in the treatment of about one million has been spent, all donations, with about one million, but the treatment of little Xin Yi how much money, we do not know, can only say that the current temporarily is enough." For Xin Yi tomorrow, a confusion of the heron.

(Red Star News reporter Shen Xingyi intern Editor Li Cheng Li,)