Dongguan bridge in Humen today has an accident! 7 incidents in the morning, paragraph blocked up to 10 km!

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Dongguan bridge in Humen today has an accident! 7 incidents in the morning, paragraph blocked up to 10 km!

2017-03-19 06:09:59 143 ℃

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Humen bridge accident, this time there were 7 accidents, blocking the 10 km!

Every weekend, Dongguan will be the main traffic congestion, especially the Humen bridge, if the day does not block became news!

If your circle of friends has been the news today that you can direct Shuabing, pull down close to exit, if not or not seriously, let a small way.

It happened in the morning, Dongguan Buddha high speed Humen to Nansha direction, Humen province section of seven cases of traffic accidents, including a 7 car rear end accident, although the accident at noon has been dealt with, but in the afternoon there still appeared nearly 10 kilometers of traffic congestion.

The first occurred at about 9 in the morning, in the Humen section of the high-speed Buddha to the south end of the sand occurred in the rear end of the accident with the 7 car accident, so opened the prelude to a large traffic jam. Taiping Highway Traffic Police Brigade also rushed to the scene for the first time, the accident caused a minor injury, was rushed to hospital for treatment.

Who knows, there is no deal with the accident, followed by a spate of 6 traffic accidents, are the two car rear end accident.

In order to avoid affecting the normal order of the road, the traffic police uncle launched a fast fast lose mechanism, the owner of both sides of the phone guide the accident to deal with the situation, quickly left the scene, the vehicle will be open to the exit of Weiyuan temporary story processing point.

Up to 4 in the afternoon, Nansha high-speed Humen to the direction of the still serious congestion, the Humen bridge to Nansha, Zhongshan, the affected vehicles. Xiao Bian from a real-time navigation to see the road, from the Humen bridge on the main bridge to the entrance section of Humen, has been in a state of congestion.

In fact, the traffic police uncle through fast processing, at noon to deal with the traffic accident, the cause of congestion is still too much traffic on weekdays.

Traffic police uncle said that the road will encounter congestion on Saturday, Sunday road will be better. From Humen to Nansha, the direction of the collection of traffic, mainly from the Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway to the Humen section of Dongguan, Changan to the section of the, as well as high-speed south along the river, northbound, resulting in a sharp increase in traffic.

How to bypass the congested road?

In fact, bypassing the congested road, bypassing the Humen bridge.

Hong Kong Buddha high-speed westbound K36+500 to K37+600 Buddha Buddha speed and the intersection of the Yangtze River along the highway, along the river along the Yangtze river wide high-speed vehicles to Humen bridge prone to congestion.

Bypass scheme:

(1) it is proposed that the vehicles traveling north and south along the Yangtze River along the Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway will be exported to Guangzhou, Nansha;

(2) it is suggested that the vehicles traveling in the direction of Changan from Shenzhen to Humen should be exported to the national highway, or transferred to the Guangzhou area, such as the Chang Hu expressway.

2, the opening of the high-speed section of the Buddha Buddha K19 traffic congestion may occur.

Detour plan: congestion bypass to Guangzhou Xinlian branch.

Humen bridge is the only way for many people

Even know will block

Also can only put his head into the nose"

However, small partners can endure more than two years,

The bitter end of the bridge in Humen will end!

Because of the Humen bridge, Humen bridge to the brother

Humen Bridge

Humen bridge in Nansha District Tung Chung town of Guangzhou City, then South Pearl Ring Expressway, Guangzhou Zhuhai Highway and is connected with the north, Guangzhou city Nansha District, Panyu District, across the channel, and has great gull Island, nizhou waterway, through the port of Humen in Sha Tin Town of Dongguan City, and the end point along the Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway. Project line length 12.89km, using the design speed of 100km/h two-way eight lane highway standard.

After the completion of the year than in the main span of 888m, known as "the world's first cross Humen bridge stride forward, from the world's first Japanese Akashi (1991m) only 303m.

Really much bigger than big brother

Now the engineering team is speeding up progress

Two years, soon

It's two birthday!!!

The leader said!

You order a

Small series wages rose 50 fen!