Rural household worth to move back? See if you don't agree

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Rural household worth to move back? See if you don't agree

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Cousin home demolition daughter-in-law, the people of Beijing, rural household, home and building houses. Toss a enough, was successfully removed, compensation, and to give money to the rural household housing, how so?!

Thirty years Hedong Hedong in the past, and now more and more valuable rural accounts, and some places have emerged in the past thirty years"Non rotation farming"Phenomenon, just the tendency of urbanization and these" rural "instead. Not only the farmers do not want to give up their rural accounts, and even the students are about to graduate, but also "back door", butMove out of the account can really move back?

How to define the rural household?

1, the current account is registered in the village committee.

2, according to the law contract rural responsibility field.

Pay agricultural tax and take the rural public welfare labor 3, January 1, 2005.

4, did not enjoy the social security and welfare benefits of urban residents.

Corresponding to non-agricultural accounts, that is, urban household.

What are the differences between "agriculture" and "non-agricultural" accounts?

There is no difference in employment, pension insurance, education, basic public health services and basic public cultural services.

Land rights, direct subsidies for grain, forestry, rural five and poverty alleviation policy is the unique rural residence.

Urban hukou in public rental housing and low rent housing enjoy a separate policy.

The Yangtze River Delta: characterized by a high degree of rural industrialization. Zhejiang, Yiwu and other places in rural areas, for example, local regulations, rural residents canGet a piece of 120 square meters of residential land.

The Pearl River Delta region: Based on the developed collective economy. Land revenue in these areasCommunity household annual dividend, which means that the local rural accounts, you can have a share of the proceeds from the land operation.

North Canton and other major cities around: these cities around the value of land in the continuous appreciation,Once the demolition or land expropriation, you can get a lot of compensation.

Read these, you can understand why there are a lot of people want to move back to the countryside account, that "non agriculture" to have what conditions, and what needs to prove the material?

Key! Village committee agrees

Public security department staff explained that college students after graduation, such asCan't find a job, the account can be moved back home. But from the non-agricultural accounts and then become agricultural accounts, the first to go through the local village committee agreed to accept the line. In fact, whether you are a college student or an ordinary rural household to move out of the population, if you want to move back to the countryside account,Must ensure that the local village committee is willing to accept you, otherwise, the account is certainly not move back.

Non transfer account migration conditions

Although approved by the village committee is a key factor, but does not mean that as long as the village committee agreed, the account will be able to successfully move back to the countryside. One of the most important factor is to see you do not conform to the non transfer account migration conditions.

1, read for colleges and technical schools and the "rural", without work back to the origin of the graduates after graduation;

2, the husband and wife is one of the agricultural accounts, non-agricultural accounts in the town without a fixed occupation and living in rural areas, living;

3, in the town of no fixed occupation and residence, with parents living in the countryside, life unmarried personnel;

4, there is no fixed occupation in the town, there is a residential base in rural areas and the construction of housing and the number of the house, and in rural areas, living, I, spouses and unmarried children;

5, the original land acquisition for the local "rural", "the requirements of non GM farmers";

6, has been listed in the village to the village committee, are not allowed to apply for non transfer into the village;

7, there are plans to change the village to live, but not yet listed in the village committee, above (four), (five) shall not apply for non transfer of farmers into.

If the plan to move into the village is listed"Village reformThe village committee, or the plan of the village to the village committee, from the point of view, the account is unable to move back.

"Non transfer of agricultural" What proof material

In fact, for non farming is not so difficult, as long as the provisions of the relevant materials submitted to the public security organs can be. The required materials are as follows:

1, a written application report, villagers group 2/3 or more than 70% villagers signed (because the accounts to move back to the countryside, will be occupied by other villagers living resources, so we must get the consent of the majority of the villagers);

2, the village group, the village committee agreed to receive proof;

3, the "household register", "identity card" (booklet must include the home page and I page, ID card must be valid);

4, college students, graduate students to return to their origin, must be submitted to the graduation certificate and the employment certificate;

5, the husband and wife should be submitted to the marriage certificate, proof of absence and family planning certificate;

6, to take refuge in their parents must provide "unmarried", no fixed occupation and residence certificate;

7, in rural areas and residential buildings have been built, to provide "land use permit" or "real estate license".

The phenomenon of "non agriculture" shows that the country is paying more and more attention to the development of rural areas, and the policy is also very important to rural areas. If you meet the above conditions, the materials are complete, and want to apply for rural hukou, to take action, until the "change in the village", will not be able to move back!