Two corpses and three lives! The expectant mother and the bride had died! The driver is driving poison!

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Two corpses and three lives! The expectant mother and the bride had died! The driver is driving poison!

2017-04-20 10:07:52 305 ℃

(April 18th) around 9, Jiangxi, Jiujiang, Hubei, a tragedy occurred in the streets of - a total of two women were killed by a car on the spot

Witnesses to the shooting of the video, you can hear the sound of crying: night 10 PM reporters rushed to the scene, the incident road not far from the barricades, and a number of vehicles parked police car, police are questioning more than passing vehicles.

Vehicle accident

Among them, 5 young men and women are catching up with the past, all look dignified, a woman said in a low tone, killed in a car accident of the two women are their friends. When the reporter asked other circumstances, they do not want to talk about, but now that everyone is in a bad mood. After the accident, there are friends in WeChat, said the suspect was two women in a car accident.

The scene also left the deceased wearing canvas shoes

Reporters came to the incident, the two women are talking. After talking, one middle-aged woman already sobbing. The woman told reporters that she was one of the dead three aunts. I heard niece had an accident, immediately rushed over from Ruichang, niece was more than and 20 years old, has not yet married, it was ready to get engaged, I thought something happened. "

Reporters from the scene photos provided by witnesses to see, the vehicle license plate number Gan G00J44, the vehicle body damage.

April 19th, Jiujiang police informed of the traffic accident, said the driver was detected methamphetamine methamphetamine, Department of drug driving.

Vehicle license plate for GaN G00J44.

According to the incident near the district on duty said the incident heard two loud bangs "bang bang". "One of the women has been pregnant, is the residential tenants. "

In the evening, the traffic accident in Jiujiang, many people of the WeChat and WeChat group "circle of friends" shuabing. "Lost treasure, my baby, my mother, my mother, my pig, my love, my son, my father, I miss you, my wife and my husband. "My world without you, what should I do... You go, take away my soul..." this is one of the deceased husband of WeChat in their own circle of friends a message, many people said that after the distressed people. It is understood that the two were held in December 29, 2016, less than 4 months ago.

April 4th, the mother is also a circle of friends in WeChat sun a self timer, and wrote: 33 weeks, baby..."

From another woman's micro-blog to see, in April 5th, wrote the last of the micro-blog is: "the new home of the tulips open the beautiful. "

Latest progress

In April 19th, the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau Traffic detachment accident department released information that the accident, the accident the driver for Lee, the man after testing positive for methamphetamine, has been detained by public security organs, the case is under further investigation.

After the scene investigation and preliminary investigation, the accident the driver Lee XX, male, driving a small car eight miles along Hubei Avenue traveling from east to west, to the prosperity of Guanlan in front of the road, collided with the parties Chen XX, Xu X, killed two people, including Chen XX pregnant women

After the accident, the driver has been controlled by law enforcement.