Henan wild farmer: I do not know is to protect the plant for mountain without warning

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Henan wild farmer: I do not know is to protect the plant for mountain without warning

2017-04-21 19:08:39 137 ℃

Henan farmers mountain mining weeds into the police station, after the crime of illegal logging of the state's key protected plants, was sentenced to three years imprisonment, suspended for three years and fined $3000. Court verdict released, triggering a discussion network.

The parties in Qin has to figure out, because the three orchids all over the mountains and Plains a clump of weeds, almost let himself in jail.

According to China referee network news, in Lushi County, because of illegal logging, jailed for more than a cymbidium Qinmou people. In 2015, farmers Hwang mining bluegrass four plexus of eight strains of Cymbidium, was sentenced to one year probation for two years and fined 1000 yuan. In 2016 Chen, due to excavation of a cluster of three strains of Cymbidium, was sentenced to three years probation for three years and fined 1000 yuan.

April 21st, Beijing time at the moment (micro signal: btimenow) exclusive dialogue Qin Yun change, he said, although refused to accept the verdict, but because of family economic constraints can not afford a lawyer, do not appeal.

Cymbidium (network picture)

They dug in a clump of weeds ""

Beijing time: what to do on the day of the incident to do live?

In April 22, 2016 15, Qin, Jia Wan Xiang pine village I and Lushi County Xu Qin Shuai, riding a motorcycle to the mountains to collect medicine Baiji, on the way back, I found there are several strains of flowering weeds at the foot of the hill, two people were dug several lines on the bag, and hung in front of the motorcycle.

Less than 1 kilometers away from the foot of the mountain, two cars were coming in the way, a black car without a license, the car down people ask us behind mine? I said no, I saw a road.

Because the bag is very shallow, weed loaded into the upper part of exposed, when someone suddenly pointed in front of the motorcycle bags said, stealing bluegrass did, then let us squatting on the roadside and using a mobile phone camera, and drove us back to the village of two people into the family home search, not search to what that brings us to the Forestry Public Security Bureau of Lushi county.

Beijing time: previously informed of this plant is a "national key protected plants", the legal consequences of digging this plant?

Qin Yun: don't know this grass or national protected plants, and the mountain no prohibit digging bluegrass signs, since the incident, the mountain is still not a warning sign.

Beijing time: originally dug this grass ready to go back to how to deal with?

Qin Yun change: at that time, we just feel that the grass is very fragrant flowers, and flowers are also very good, would like to dig a little back home to watch.

Beijing time: from being arrested by the police to court, you justify their actions?

Qin Yun: we were taken to the police station, the police are taking note when asked me if I had been informed ceran grass an excuse, I do not know. After that, the police to sign a lot of procedures and gave me a notice of bail, saying that you can go home, but with the following. I asked the police Qin Shuai, was accused of criminal detention.

Later learned that the reason for the Qin Shuai detention, he has a criminal record, so the offense aggravated the punishment, has been sentenced.

No money to hire lawyers do not appeal

Beijing time: what do you think about the results?

Qin Yun change: I think it is not dug two broken grass, it will not be sentenced to such a heavy, again, I do not know what a farmer's law, people say that the law, and I am no longer justify useless, it is recognized.

Beijing time: what is the impact of this ruling on you and your family?

Qin Yun change: sentence probation, the probation period requires a monthly report to the judicial review of the work of the report, so that want to go out to work is restricted.

My hometown in the mountains, no more sources of income, the 17 year old son in high school, because of years of illness perennial medication, the only drugs 300 per month to 400 yuan, the money can only rely on his wife to go out to earn money to support.

Beijing: your local time, had dug bluegrass were convicted of events, you know?

Qin Yun: before I do not know. After I was told that the alleged offense, listen to what others say, Lushi county each villages and towns area people are raising orchids at home, but also had a similar case, then check the tight, who have domesticated bluegrass formalities.

Beijing time: some people say that there are a lot of digging to protect the state of plant sales, you know? Is there anyone around?

Qin Yun: I have not heard of this. I do not raise orchids, so do not ask, whether or not the sale on the market, whether it is valuable, I do not understand.

Beijing time: relatives and friends, villagers how to look at this matter?

Qin: everyone in more is mistakenly dug two grass has violated the law, after we tsaio can be careful, otherwise, do not know who will turn the head.

Beijing time: what are the plans to decide whether to appeal?

Qin Yun: decision announced the same day, I worked with the court to intervene the verdict was too heavy, the presiding judge said that the law is the case, the verdict is there but there is no way to be beneath the human character. No money to hire a lawyer, no appeal.

Text / Zhou Jiaqi Li Yingqiang

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