Two times a day in the streets of the girls encounter strong male! A few minutes later, something terrible happened

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Two times a day in the streets of the girls encounter strong male! A few minutes later, something terrible happened

2017-04-21 19:15:03 284 ℃

A strange man appeared in front of a girl for the two time in a few minutes. What did he want to do during the day? Is it true, or do other evil things.

Recently, the young girl is less than a bump on such a thing, I do not think he is not like the handsome guy, but...

April 10th at 12 am, less than the girl as usual, walking and listening to the music and go to work, when she went to the Yuhang City Economic Development Zone Road and North Sand Road crossroads, found a man wearing a white striped dress sitting in a black car battery, and when she turn right onto North Sand road go to 20 meters, the man once again appeared in front of the less than girls. Because it is the day, less than the girls did not want to go forward. But something terrible happened to Goo

After walking a few steps, jade girl suddenly sprang behind a man towards his face two blows, she was down to the ground, the other man kicked the girl of less than two feet. Less than girls were playing dumb just began to think that he encountered armed madman in the daytime, but the man with a "pack", released less than girl finally understand their encounter robbery.

Less than the instinct of the girl to protect their own bags, but it is a trick. But less than the girl had to give up the resistance, after the man succeeded quickly ran back, riding on the bus stop in the incident 30 meters outside the black battery car toward the direction of less than when the girl fled. Less than the girl found that robbed his bag is the man appeared in front of him two times the man. Less than the girl was robbed of the bag has an Apple phone and some daily necessities, there is no cell phone, she stopped on the road stopped a car, looking for a driver to borrow a cell phone alarm.

After receiving the alarm

Yuhang police immediately rushed to the scene to investigate. The girl is less than the description of police handling the transfer of the relevant monitoring, quickly identified the physical characteristics of the robbery suspect and vehicle crime characteristics.

At noon the day at 12:18 PM, the suspect riding a black car, a blue raincoat draped in zebra, then less than an umbrella girl passing by, through the monitoring range is less than the girl, the man started trailing by bike. 6 minutes later, the man fled the scene by bike. According to this case, the police investigators through monitoring and tracking, found the suspect foothold in East Lake street, Xin'an village, a rental. 21 o'clock that night, Yuhang police arrested the suspect in the rental of cao.

In the face of the review, the heart of a fluke refused to explain any problems. Police undaunted, organization of police suspects to escape along the route search, finally found the suspect abandoned on the roadside grass is less than the girl was robbed of the bag, and found the suspect stolen goods of Apple's mobile phone in a mobile phone shop in North East Lake. In front of a lot of evidence, Cao's psychological defense completely collapse. On the afternoon of April 17th, Cao truthfully confessed his crime of robbery. Now on suspicion of robbery by the Yuhang police in accordance with the law of criminal detention, the case is still further processed.

Remind the weather is hot, female friends travel safety issues have to pay attention to! Female friends to go out alone, to mind, encounter any suspicious personnel end at any time, to speed up the pace, close to crowded places; the night is best not to travel alone, if necessary, should try to avoid going back roads; handbags to try to close to the body, valuables not exposed; in case of robbery, not simple resistance to wit, Rondo, remember the suspect characteristics, and quickly call the police for help.