After the woman picked up her credit card, she rushed into the jewelry store and bought gold bars, platinum rings and gold necklaces

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After the woman picked up her credit card, she rushed into the jewelry store and bought gold bars, platinum rings and gold necklaces

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Yu Fang (alias), 33 years old, Anhui people. She and her husband Song Jie (a pseudonym) set up shop in Xiaoshan, Yu Fang as a boss, usually take care of the husband according to the business, the couple's small life was pretty good.

A few months ago, Yu Fang picked up a credit card at a square in the city and told her husband Song Jie about it.

Song Jie took a credit card to a KTV POS machine and tried it out and found that the card had no password, and there was a credit limit of 30 thousand yuan.

Traffic monitoring map

For this "surprise", both husband and wife have a little heart, for a period of time, repeated ideological struggle, and ultimately greed prevailed.

In April 23, 2017, the couple decided to spend the amount of the credit card at one time. Both drove to a jewelry City downtown, Yu Fang got off and went into a jewelry store to shop, and Song Jie was waiting in the car.

Yu Fang bought three gold bars, a ring and a necklace in the jewelry store, which cost more than 29000 yuan.

Shopping mall monitor drawing

The man who "pay" anger and alarm the police locked the suspect

Credit card, a consumer message also issued.

In April 23rd 18 PM, a man rushed to Xiaoshan city public security police station alarm Hall: "I want to report my card stolen brush!"

The man told police he had just received a $29000 credit card consumer SMS, but he did not credit card consumption.

The man said his bank card more stolen credit card has been found, suspected to be lost after the others false.

Yu purchased jewelry with a credit card

After understanding the situation, the North police station synthetic combat group immediately launched an investigation. According to clues, investigators eventually locked the suspect for credit card consumption sites.

Through monitoring and screening, a man wearing a peaked cap red woman entered the investigators' sight.

In April 23rd 14 at 04 PM, a woman alone into the city of jewelry, wearing masks, and. The monitor has been tracking the women in the red shirt to a jewelry store, and the woman has a credit card swipe at the store.

Investigators immediately rushed to the jewelry store to verify the clerk, as expected, the woman spent more than 29000 yuan, the number is consistent with the victim's statement.

Shopping mall monitor drawing

"She is the suspect."!"

After locking the suspect, investigators followed by patient investigation, Dundian, April 25th in the afternoon, the police suspect in the Mou and song of a residence, successfully captured the two men.

After interrogation, the suspect Yu, song truthfully confessed the use of other credit cards of the crime facts. The husband and wife expressed regret and shame for their actions.

Currently, suspects Yu Mou, song by Xiaoshan police criminal detention according to law, gold jewelry and other stolen goods have been recovered, the case is under further investigation.

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"Criminal law" article 196th: [credit card fraud] one of the following circumstances, credit card fraud, the larger the amount of five years imprisonment or criminal detention, and impose more than twenty thousand yuan to two hundred thousand yuan fine; a huge amount or other serious circumstances, five years more than ten years of fixed-term imprisonment, and impose more than fifty thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan fine; if the amount is especially huge or other especially serious circumstances, ten years imprisonment or life imprisonment, fined fifty thousand yuan and five hundred thousand Yuan fines or confiscation of property:

(1) using counterfeit credit cards or using credit cards that are falsely identified;

(two) using an invalid credit card;

(three) using another person's credit card;

(four) malicious overdrafts.

Author: Ji Hanyu Wang Xuefei

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