Starting next month, the pay will last 4 months (7 months in a month)! Info!

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Starting next month, the pay will last 4 months (7 months in a month)! Info!

2017-05-19 19:40:02 78 ℃

Have you felt the power of the scorching summer these days? According to the Central Meteorological Observatory news, this round of high temperature process will continue from May 17th to 19. Among them, the 18 day high temperature range, the strongest intensity.

According to the State Administration of work safety official website news May 17th, the office of Safety Administration issued the "notice" on the good 2017 summer sunstroke work requirements, minimizing the occurrence of heat stroke events of workers.

Under the high temperature, from next month, many regions will give employees a high temperature allowance. Then, what is the standard around here? What are the benefits of workers? Check with ID:grrbwx.

Safety supervision requirements, before the advent of hot weather,To organize occupational health examination for workers working in high temperature weather.

Necessary ventilation or cooling equipment shall be added to the hot work placeProvide personal protective equipment, and the necessary heatstroke needed to cool the cool drinks and health care for workers.

It is necessary to reasonably arrange or adjust the working hours of the workers in the summer high temperature weather, and appropriately increase the working hours of the workers under the high temperature operation environment. Pregnant women and minors may not be assigned to work in the open air at temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius and work at temperatures above 33 degrees.

To develop high temperature heat stroke emergency plan and organize exercises, workers should be high temperature protection and heat stroke emergency publicity and education.

The high temperature allowance is salary, not welfare!

The employing units shall arrange for the workers to engage in outdoor outdoor work at high temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius (including 35 degrees Celsius), and shall not take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the workplace to below 33 degrees Celsius (excluding 33 degrees Celsius),The high temperature allowance shall be given to the workers and shall be included in the total wages.

As long as the employing units have arranged the high temperature operation, workers in enterprises, institutions and individual economic organizations may enjoy the high temperature subsidies according to law.

For the grant of high temperature subsidies, standards vary, as detailed below:

Be careful

1, summer cooling drinks can not be used to offset the high temperature allowance.

2, the high temperature allowance is part of the labor remuneration (wages), which should not be illegal.

3, according to the "measures" management measures to prevent heatstroke, provisions of the daily maximum temperature reached 40 degrees above, should stop the outdoor work. The employer may not deduct or lower the wages of the workers due to the cessation of work and shorter working hours due to the high temperature weather.

4, China's "occupational disease directory" will be physical factors caused by heat stroke included in the occupational disease category, that is to sayHeatstroke is also an occupational disease.Enjoy the treatment of work-related injuries, must first be identified.

What are the benefits of high temperature days?

According to the "measures" management measures to prevent heatstroke, before the advent of hot weather,The employer shall conduct a health check on the workers working in the high temperature weather,Those who suffer from heart and lung, cerebrovascular diseases, tuberculosis, central nervous system diseases and other physical conditions are not suitable for working in high temperature environment, they should adjust their jobs.The cost of occupational health examination shall be borne by the employer.

The employing units shall provide sufficient and hygienic standards for workers working at high temperature and high temperature weatherSummer cooling drinks and essential drugs. Not to grant money and provide an alternative summer cooling drinks.

The employer shall establish a resting place at the high temperature working environment.Rest places shall be provided with a seat, maintain good ventilation or air-conditioned cooling facilities etc..

"High temperature heat wave" hit, how to protect?

As the temperature is higher, we should try to avoid travel at 11 ~16. If you're going to be out, must do replenishment and heatstroke, protective measures, avoid long time exposure.

Current issue editor: Zhao Chenchen, Dou Xiaotao

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